Top Hawaiian prospect Edward Thommes tries to climb to 7-2 this weekend

Before Edward “The Promise” Thommes returns to action this weekend for Destiny MMA, the top Hawaiian prospect sat down with FightBookMMA.

To what do you attribute your early success in the sport?

I think it’s because I mix it up well as a mixed martial artist. I’m not the best striker, I’m not the best wrestler, and I’m not the best grappler, but when it comes to putting it all together I think I’m great at finding my opponents weaknesses and capitalizing on it.

Why did you lose those two back-to-back fights as a professional?

There are a lot of reasons. They are lessons I’ve learned from and I’m glad they happened early in my career. I’ve learned about a lot of technical issues I’ve had to work with and things I’ve had to change-up in my training. Those two losses really exposed that and from there I was able to make some changes in my training and focus on my weaknesses and I’m back on a win streak again.

How did it feel to go from being 4-0 to being 4-2, basically overnight?

There was more pressure than I’ve ever felt fighting after those two losses, but I kept reminding myself about why I got into the sport. Those two losses really showed me what I needed to work on. I took some time off from fighting and didn’t fight for almost half of a year after those losses. I hunkered down and focused on my training and working on what needed to be fixed. Knowing that I did all that I could to prepare and fixing my weaknesses really boosted my confidence and helped me to rise to the occasion and rise above the pressure.

Do you have a lot of teammates fighting on this card with you?

Yeah. My good friend Louis Smoka was in the UFC and is working his way back. He’s going to be the main event so it’s exciting to share a cage with Louis, Brian de la Cruz, and Martin Day. My friend, Joey is making his pro debut, so it’s encouraging and motivating to fight on the same card as those guys.

How will 7-2 feel?

Right now, I’m just collecting wins so I can get to the next level. My ultimate goal is to get into a major MMA organization and work my way to the top by fighting the best. I think that’s what I’m getting in each and every fight, from this point on. It’s exciting and it’s fun. I love a challenge – it excites me.

Are you committed to fighting in the UFC or would you fight in Bellator?

I would fight in any major MMA organization that treats its fighters well and would allow me to provide for my family as a full-time fighter. I think there are a lot of great shows out there. Whichever one calls first and has the best deal – I’m in. Whichever company wants to invest in me, I don’t think they can go wrong.

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