Top Rated MMA – Interview with LaNeisha “She Hulk” Vinson

I had the opportunity of speaking and doing an written interview with LaNeisha “She Hulk” Vinson shortly after her amazing Gold win at IMMAF (International Mixed Martial Arts Federation).  Her story of getting into MMA and having her first MMA fight in March of 2016 is so amazing!  I don’t have “She Hulk” on your radar, you are missing out!  Keep your eyes on this superstar!

TRMMA: You recently won the Gold at IMMAF but not only did you become the 135lb Champion, you broke some amazing records:

You became the USA’s 1st IMMAF-WMMAA Unified World Champion in any weight class

You became the USA’s 1st Female World Champion in any weight class

You hold the record for Most KO/TKO wins (4) by a Gold Medalist in a World Championship

Having accomplished these records and winning the World Title, how are you feeling?

SHE HULK: I feel Good About Myself and what I’ve accomplished ending the year 2018 with a bang being the first to have all those records set for the USA means a lot to me and others in the fight community especially UMMAF.

TRMMA: You had your MMA debut in March of 2016 and won 4 straight before seeing your 1st loss in December of 2016.  You then went 1-4 in 2017 and took about a year and a half off.  You come back in 2018 on the biggest stage for Amateur fighters in the world and just dominated! When you took that year and a half off, what things did you work on that made your comeback so successful?

SHE HULK: Well my year off I focused solely on getting my movement and fight IQ up to part fixing things I knew was my weakness also working with new people who made me step out of my comfort zone.

TRMMA: Do you have a goal date in mind to turn pro?

SHE HULK: One more year of ammy then I’m going pro the only way I would turn pro before then is if a Big Promotion called such as Invicta, Bellator, UFC, ChampionOne etc. which is what I’m hoping for by next year

TRMMA: When can us fans expect to see you back in the cage?

SHE HULK: 2019 I’m focusing on BJJ competitions and taking some boxing matches in between that if MMA March calls I’ll be ready.

TRMMA: How did you get the nick name “She Hulk”?

SHE HULK: The Incredible Hulk is actually my favorite Marvel Character so doing some research I needed someone who could match me and She Hulk fit perfectly I’m calm until you make me mad then it’s hard to control my anger once I get upset lol

TRMMA: How did you get started in MMA and why did you decide to step into the cage?

SHE HULK: Well I was found at a local competition by Lance Adams of The Warrior Warehouse and Darrin Eaddy Of Fight Camp Promotion‘s they both started me into the sport of MMA and the rest is history besides I’ve always been a fighter since I was younger they just added the technique part.

TRMMA: Cyborg or Nunez?

SHE HULK: I pick Cris Cyborg she is my favorite fighter

TRMMA: What motivates you to succeed?

SHE HULK: My Two Daughters Motivate me to keep going I want a better life for them

TRMMA: Favorite movie?

SHE HULK: Creed 1 and 2, Million Dollar Baby

TRMMA: Do you have any sponsors, coaches, family, etc that you would like to thank?

SHE HULK: I would like to thank my mother and my family for all there support, my coaches Nate, Myles who been working with me now for 5 months now and Lance, Wiggs, Will for the 3 1/2 years of training me and for getting me started into MMA and all my team mates from both gyms and last but not least Justin Brown.

Thank you to LaNeisha “She Hulk” Vinson for your time!  I am excited to watch you explode even further into the MMA scene in 2019!  You are a true warrior!  Keep up the great work!

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