Travis Browne may still face charges

By: Korey Lane

Saturday August 29, 2015– August 28 the Ufc released a statement saying that all investigations involving browne and domestic abuse allegations had been concluded. The 7 week investigation was headed by a former FBI agent with 25 years experience. Travis is now free to fight again with his suspension being lifted.

Within an hour of this being released his wife Jenna Renae responded saying she will move forward pressing charges. Stating

“At the present time, I feel that the truth hasn’t come out and I have no other option than to press charges with the same evidence that was provided, and we’ll let the state of California decide whether I suffered from domestic violence.”.

So many questions arise from this decision. The main being why now? Why use social media and not police after the alleged abuse ? Apparently not wanting him to lose his job with the ufc may not have been the truth. As it seems she is dissatisfied with his suspension being lifted. This is also a decision made days after she dropped the bomb that travis may be dating 135 champ Ronda Rousey.

One thing is for certain. Domestic violence is not a joke, the damage done is life changing. justice will prevail if the allegations are proven to be true. However, false allegations can destroy lives as well. The court of public opinion can be just as damning when you are in the public eye.

One has to wonder is this a lover scorned? Or another MMA fighter guilty and joining the ranks of some talented but troubled men.

My opinion, something seems strange.

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