Troy Lamson eyes UFC deal in 2019

Troy Lamson may be the next lightweight to sign with the UFC. But first, the 12-2 Michigan fighter takes on Robert Hale (6-3) at Lights Out 3 on April 27 in Grand Rapids. He sat down with FightBook MMA to talk about his fight.

How did you find MMA to begin with?

I come from a family of boxers. My dad was a Golden Gloves and Toughman champ and I’ve got a couple uncles who also boxed. When I was around 14 or 15, I started training MMA because I had boxed with my dad and mixed with that wrestling. I was always big on playing sports at a professional level, which is why I started training and what I’ve been doing ever since. I had four amateur fights before I even gradated high school.

Do you feel like your whole life has been geared, really, towards fighting at a high level?

Absolutely. It’s what I’ve chosen to do with my life since a very young age. I’ve had 17 amateur fights, 14 professional fights, I think I’ve wrestled year-round since I was about 11 and have done MMA year-round since I was about 15. It’s been pedal to the medal for a long time and it’s finally getting to the stage where it’s put up or shut up. I’m very grateful for all the work I’ve put in, because there’s not much room at the top.

How did you get into modelling?

(Laughs) As I’ve gotten older, especially when I was in college, a lot of people have told me I take good photos and I’ve got a good look to me. I’d say I have a unique look because of all the tattoos I have — and my cauliflower ears — so I think it’s something I could do well in, but it’s something that I’ve kinda put on hold while pursuing MMA. When I get to the UFC, my modelling experience will really help. It will also help me make some money on the side so I can have a little breathing room.

Where are you currently training?

I’ve been down here at Hard Knocks 365 for, probably, four out of the past six months with a few weeks here and there in Michigan. I was staying in Hollywood for the first eight to 10 weeks, and I’ve been living at Rashad Evans’ house for the past couple months now.

How does it feel to be surrounded by big-name fighters who are where you want to be, and a ton of guys who are just as hungry as you to get there?

It’s pretty wild. I’ve been to big camps throughout my career, but the only thing that makes this different is that I’m 12-2 now; I have the record, I have the experience, and at 27 my time is now. It’s more than training; it’s preparation for the most intense and important battles of my career now. This is a pivotal point and there’s no room for error. It’s a little bit mind-boggling, and I’m really grateful to have this experience here. I’m staying in the same room Kamaru Usman once stayed in. It tests your mind, it tests your physical abilities — it tests a lot of shit, man. You know when you have a bad day at the office here, let’s put it like that (laughs).

One year from today, where would you like to be?

I’d like to be two fights into the UFC, preparing for my third.


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