UFA Live at KOK World Series in Istanbul Tonight

TAMPA, Fla. – Professional Kickboxing Event “King of Kings World Series” will be held in one of the most popular sports arenas, Ulker Sports and Event Hall in Istanbul, Turkey this evening. Jordan “Jay” Adams will be there to call the fights and viewers will be able to watch the much-anticipated fights on United Fight Alliance’s television networks this spring across the United States.

The best fighters from Turkey will compete against fighters from all over the world, each hungrier for the win than the other. Legendary Lithuanian KOK President and Promoter, Donatas Simanaitis, is presenting an exceptional night of world-class fights which will prove to be exciting not just for the fans but for martial arts experts as well. One of the most interesting fights of the evening is the KOK World Interim Lightweight Title fight between Elkhan Aliyev and Masoud Minaei. Elkhan Aliyev won the Grand Prix tournament in London, but Masoud Minaei has not experienced a single defeat in any KOK tournament.

UFA’s CEO Jordan “Jay” Adams stated, “Istanbul has rolled out the red carpet as King of Kings has put together one of their best cards ever featuring Muay Thai Association K-1 rules kickboxing and traditional American boxing as well. With over 15 countries represented on the card, I’m thrilled to be ringside to commentate and bring these phenomenal matchups to the US. Erkan Varol and Burak Mataraci have put together an amazing night of fights and entertainment for this opening KOK event of 2022.

The debut night will not only feature fighters from around the world but also in attendance will be singers Willy William and Maya Muzaleva. Hollywood stars Kristanna Loken (Terminator), Ron Smoorenburg (Who Am I?) and Tom Tidiman (Out For Vengeance) will also be attending.

The fight card includes the following matchups.

  • Taha Yasir vs Uzair İsmoiljanov
  • Kevin Hessling vs Mammad
  • Amreliyev Oleh Pavliak vs Murod Akhmedov
  • Nina Van Dalum vs Göknur Yaşin
  • Dündar Alexey Mykhailov vs Mükremin Güler
  • Mahsum Rasulov vs Ümit Tepeli
  • Masoud Minaei vs Elkhan Aliyev
  • Foad Hashemi vs Ahmed Krnjic
  • Peyman Haciyev vs Halil Kütükçü
  • Thomas Nelson Doeve vs Ali Damak


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