Demetrious Johnson: winner of Ian McCall and John Lineker

Demetrious Johnson just rolls forward. He got in the Octagon, and got out. Not much can be said for his performance other than that it was hardly a surprise. To a mostly disinterested crowd “Mighty Mouse” laid more stake to the claim that he is THE best pound for pound fighter in the world. He outclassed Chris Cariaso, it was man vs. boy in there. DJ got hold of his arm, and brought it back to Washington State with him, and got little bother from Cariaso in the process.

So that being said, what’s next for DJ? In a perfect world it would be one time challenger John Dodson, but unfortunately this isn’t a perfect world. Dodson is still out with a knee injury, and will be to the early part of 2015. So plan B I guess? Enter the winner of Ian McCall and John Lineker. The two 125ers are booked to face each other in November on the UFC Fight Night 56: Rua vs. Mamuwa card in Brazil. Johnson has been in the Octagon twice before with “Uncle Creepy”, the first time the two met was also the first flyweight fight in UFC history at UFC on FX: Alves vs. Kampmann. First thought to be a majority decision win for DJ, was revealed to be incorrect and was rectified with the proper decision of majority Draw. They fought again four months later, which saw Johnson win a unanimous decision.

John Lineker is a different beast in the land of the little giants. In that land there are fleet footed wisps, not Lineker though. He is a plodding, walk you down power striker, throws his shots with the worst intentions possible. Of the two his style plays more into what DJ does best. As a fan of all 3 I would like to see the 3rd fight between Mouse and Creepy. As always time will tell.

Donald Cerrone is another future matchup with some contingencies. There has been interweb chatter that Donald should get the winner of the UFC 181 lightweight title fight between Anthony Pettis and Gilbert Melendez. That is an interesting notion but we did see Cerrone stopped by Pettis not too long ago.  Not that we need to instantly rule that out as a possibly based on that fact alone. He was asked what he thought of that in the post-fight presser and he stated a desire to fight again in November, so that does sync up the timeline for that to be a possibility.

All that being said I won’t be going that way, so the next fight for Donald Cerrone should be.

Jorge Masvidal

Listen I’m not taking the easy way out here. This is a hell of a scrap. Both fought Saturday, both looked damn good, both are looking to lay claim to a shot down the road, how does this not make sense?

Fan friendly fights are friendly to fans.

Conor McGregor: Chan Sung Jung

Again people are talking title shot against the winner of Aldo vs. Mendes 2 for Conor, those talks are a little premature. Not that neither of those potential matchups are intriguing, but not in the cards just yet. Jung is as iron willed as you can hope for once that cage door closes. He is not an easy out for anyone; McGregor will likely be no exception. “The Korean Zombie” did face current 145lb. champion Jose Aldo in August of last year in Brazil, in what was a very good fight that ended when Jung injured his shoulder and was finished off with strikes by Aldo.

Yoel Romero and Tim Kennedy should rematch, I’m not going to go over the finish of that fight, but a make good rematch is in order.

Cat Zingano: Ronda Rousey

It’s already been announced that Cat will get her title shot at Ronda in January. Cat earned her shot at the title and a coaching spot on The Ultimate Fighter after defeating Miesha Tate at TUF Finale 17 in April 2013. Unfortunately for the undefeated scrapper, a knee injury forced her out of both her title shot and her spot as coach of TUF opposite Rousey. Then to make thing infinitely worse for Zingano her husband of 4 years Mauricio Zingano took his own life.

An impressive and gutty performance against Amanda Nunez on Saturday further cements Cat as a top notch battler both in the cage and in life.

Dominick Cruz: TJ Dillashaw

Another title fight announced coming straight out of this amazing night of fights is TJ Dillashaw vs. Dominick Cruz, and rightfully so. I’m not in the camp that bangs the drum that Dominick Cruz is the real UFC bantamweight champion. Granted he lost the title in a doctor’s office and not the Octagon. He was out for almost 3 years; hard luck after hard luck befell Cruz. He’s lost only one fight his entire career. That was a title fight against Urijah Faber that he probably wasn’t ready for mentally. Not making excuses for the guy, he certainly doesn’t need me making excuses for him, but that is a tough charge to make for a guy in his first fight with the WEC. There were good fighters if given fifty fights in the WEC wouldn’t have been a match for Faber.

But all that is in the past…well okay we will stay in the past a bit longer, we have to if we are going to talk ever so briefly about Cruz’s performance against

Takeya Mizugaki (let’s see if talking about it will last longer than the fight, I say it won’t). It was a squash, Dominick swarmed Takeya took him down, and beat him up quickly. So then why then shot at the title for Cruz after one fight in nearly three years, because he deserves it.

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