UFC 179: Aldo vs. Mendes 2 Matchmaking

Well another UFC event is in the books, it’s now time to look ahead for some of the winners and losers of Saturday night’s from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We start with the winner of the main event, UFC featherweight Champion, Jose Aldo. This one is a bit tricky and bound to be on the controversial side. The next opponent for Aldo’s 145lb. title should be Conor McGregor. I know Ricardo Lamas, Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar are there in front of him in line. I also know that Chad Mendes put up one hell of a fight Saturday. The thing is this is a business, and Conor is good for business. People take close notice in the things he says and does. Of course that doesn’t mean that’s all it takes to earn a title shot. And, of course that doesn’t hurt. Has he earned the title shot in the Octagon? Has he earned the #5 ranking he currently holds? For me he does, he has been impressive in the cage and in front of that microphone. Dana White has stated to make money in the UFC you need to “play the game”, few play that game better than Conor McGregor.

Now for the tricky part, it’s not easy picking the future path for the fighter that comes out on the losing end, especially in a fight like that. Chad Mendes made sure everyone forgot his first title shot at Jose Aldo’s title. No question about that. But where does he go from here? Who is next for him? A popular pick seems to be an immediate rematch with Aldo, which is funny to see because people usually gripe about immediate return bouts. Then there is the sentiment he should face the winner of Edgar vs. Swanson, although him taking on either of those two men would be a hell of a fight, I’m looking in a different direction. There are some contenders at the top of the 145 division, one of those men being Ricardo Lamas. That is who I’m picking to face Chad Mendes next. Both men were former challengers to the title; both are top 5 guys in the division. Kinda makes sense to me.

Now for the winner of the co-main event, Phil Davis, we all know “Mr. Wonderful” called out Anderson Silva, which got a wry smile and a bit of a snicker from the long time middleweight and Pound for Pound King. It was a bold move out of Phil, though widely off the mark, the odds on that fight happening are slim at best. Now to the more like opponent for Mr. Davis, for me that is Ryan Bader. Bader is on a 3 fight win streak and currently ranked #7 in the UFC light heavyweight division.

And here we are again trying to find a place at the table for the losing end of the fight. Glover Teixeira was once a made man at 205, he was killing everyone. Dominant performance after dominant performance out of the heavy handed Brazilian. The UFC set them up and Glover put them out. Then he gets a shot at Jon Jones’s light heavyweight title, and was beaten up, then he gets Phil Davis and he gets mauled for 3 rounds in front of his home country. So what’s next for Teixeira? This is one of those two birds with one stone type of moments. My pick for Glover Teixeira’s next fight is Fabio Maldonado. This is a huge step back for Glover and an equally large step up for Maldonado. I was thinking next should be Ovince Saint Preux or even Dan Henderson, but the point here is to give Glover a winnable fight. No need to burn a future needle mover for Brazil events. Glover’s days as a viable contender to the 205lb. title, but he is still a draw with Brazilian fight fans.

By: Tim Mutohfan

(Image Courtesy of Getty)

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