UFC Alternatives For GamStop Players

What if you want to find an alternative to UFC and watch the matches or place bets? You are a lucky person. There are many alternatives out there and here we will cover the best ones. Each one is special which makes things even better and more appealing. Without further ado let’s begin.


ONE FC is the fastest growing and the alternative you are going to like. The most shocking fact is that even UFC fighters join this league and compete here! The league is mostly popular in Asia but it is available all over the globe. Yes, UK Players can enjoy it as well and can place bets.

The league was founded in 2011 and it started with massive popularity. There are 10 weight categories and 4 of them are available for women. Rules and regulations when it comes to weight categories are strict and complicated. 


KSW is very popular at UK-based websites that aren’t under GamStop and the one alternative that is interesting, for the lack of a better word. This league comes from Poland and it features many events throughout the year. But, more and more events are added which makes the alternative even bigger. There are over 57.000 people following a match so you can see how popular it is.

One advantage is that each match is paired with a long and detailed story that simply makes that match more appealing. Here you can see mostly fighters from Europe, especially Poland. In addition, training is more advanced and more expensive than in some other leagues. Money is better for the fighters as well so we believe this championship will become even more popular in the future. 


Bellator is extremely popular these days. You can watch kickboxing matches, enjoy tournaments, and obviously, MMA matches. There are 9 categories in general. 2 of them are for women and they compete in 125 and 145-pound weight categories. 

Here we can see that tournaments are extremely appealing. Each one features all 9 weight categories and the tournament will last for 3 months. This is ideal for fans who want to enjoy matches for a long period of time and dedicate themselves to the sport.

M-1 Global

It has an interesting name and an interesting story. This is the Russian version of MMA and it has been with us since 1997. There are between 10 and 20 events per year, which is considered much. There is one more interesting fact here. Since 2018 this alternative is used as a farming ground for UFC. In other words, it will find the best fighters from Russia and prepare them for fighting in the UFC. If you see a Russian fighter in the UFC, you may assume that he came from M1 Global.

Another thing we would like to show is that there are different variations of the league. One of them is M-1 Selection and it is available to new fighters. The goal is to show their skills and advance throughout the league. With a lot of skills and a bit of luck, a fighter can end up in the UFC.

Professional Fighters League

PFL or Professional Fighters League is popular in the United States and it is a high-end alternative. There are 72 fighters that will fight and collect points. They will fight between May and August and only 8 will move towards the next section. This is where things get even more appealing. They can win $1 million and you can get the appeal. 

Some say that this league is equivalent to the NBA and it is reserved for the best fighters and it brings the most money to the winners. Yes, it is difficult to win considering some of the best fighters compete here. The PFL is very popular and it is gaining popularity as we speak. You can check out the betting odds right now and see more details about this alternative. 

Rizin Fighting Federation

As some of you will know, this alternative comes from Japan. It is massive and even bigger than the prestigious UFC which is stunning. When we take a look at the fighters, we can see one, interesting thing. All of them come from other leagues and they are the best in that specific league. The main idea is to let the fighters fight and to find the best one.

The championship is young and extremely popular. If we mix the two, we can see that it has a bright future and it will become even more popular across the globe in the future. Also, it already features some of the UFC champions so we believe more will come.


MMA is extremely popular nowadays, recently this sport even overtook boxing. UFC is not the only option you have out there. There are many, if not countless leagues, championships, and similar options that may be the best choice for you. Do your research and find the one that matches your desires the most. After that, you can enjoy, bet or both. 


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