UFC Fight Night: 45 Recap

By John Carlin

When the UFC packed up and departed Atlantic City today, they left knowing that they had delivered.

Not only was UFC Fight Night: 45 a success, a great action packed card, that went (9-2) for finishes, including a six-fight main card clean sweep, it also saw the continued resurgence of lightweight contender Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone (24-6), who scored a spectacular knockout win over the home town hero, and fellow top lightweight Jim Miller (24-5).

Miller started off well, landing a big left straight and mixing in some body shots ,while being sure to move around a lot and not offer Cerrone a stationary target. After catching a kick from the cowboy, Miller took the fight to the ground, only for Cerrone to pop straight back up, which seemed to wake Cerrone, who is a notoriously slow starter, in to action. Miller was able to take Cerrone down again, this time with a body-lock trip-takedown from off of the cage, only for Cerrone to pop right back up for a second time utilizing a well placed whizzer, Miller cracked Cerrone with two big right hands before the end of a first round that he probably won.

There was one controversial moment in the second round, where Cerrone appeared to land a legal kick to the midsection of Miller, who fell to the ground an appeared to feign a groin strike. Dan Miragliotta at first waved Cerrone away back to his corner, before asking Miller if he could continue, then strangely told Miller to get back up and fight. Thankfully it wasn’t to prove too controversial, as Cerrone ended the fight in spectacular style soon after, after targeting Miller’s midsection with a few body kicks, he had Miller too preoccupied with protecting his body that Cerrone took advantage, and after beautifully faking a straight right hand, followed it up with a right head kick that saw Cerrone’s shin connect flush on Miller’s jaw, hurting Miller badly, and as he fell against the cage had Cerrone moving in for the finish, managing to land a single punch, which in truth was academic as Miller was already done, before Miragliotta saved Miller from taking any more punishment.


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