UFC Fight Night Monterrey Recap

Sunday November 22, 2015 Live from the Arena Monterrey in Monterrey Mexico two of the UFC welterweights take center stage as Neil Magny steps in for Matt Brown to take on Kelvin Gastelum. Both of these fighters looking to take the next step to try to earn the right to fight some top welterweight contenders. In the co main event Ricardo Lamas took on UFC veteran Diego Sanchez, and with rumors swirling around that he may be next for Mighty Mouse Johnson with a win, undefeated former Olympian Henry Cejudo took on Jussier Formiga. A fully stacked card with some awesome prelim bouts to kick things off. Let’s get things started

In the first bout we kick things off in the lightweight division as Michel Prazeres (19-2) defeated Valmir Lazaro (13-4) by split decision. Next up we stay in the lightweight division as Polo Reyes (5-3) defeated Cesar Arzamendia (7-3) by TKO in the 1st round. The Welterweights were next as Vernon Ramos (3-1) took on Alvaro Herrera (8-3), Herrera got the 1st round TKO victory. Next up in the featherweight division Andre Fili (14-3) took on Gabriel Benitez (18-5), Fili gets the first round victory by TKO. Next up the Bantamweights as Alejandro Perez (16-6) took on Scott Jorgensen (15-11), and in the 2nd Perez gets the stoppage victory as Jorgenson had to stop due to a leg injury. Next up back to the welterweight division as Hector Urbina (25-8) took on Bartosz Fabinski (12-2), and after three rounds the winner by unanimous decision and making it his 6th in a row Bartosz Fabinski. In the last bout on the prelim portion of the card the bantamweights take back center stage as Erik Perez (14-6) took on Taylor Lapilus (10-1), and after going the distance the winner by unanimous decision Erik Perez. The first fight into the main card is in the lightweight division as Efrain Escudero (25-9) took on Leandro Silva (18-2-1), and after three rounds the winner by unanimous decision Leandro Silva. Next up we stay in the lightweight division, as a shot for a UFC contract is up for grabs. Horacio Guiterrez (3-1) took on Peruvian fighter Enrique Barzola (11-2-1), and after going the distance a big congratulations to my fellow countrymen Enrique Barzola as not only did he get the win but he is now earned a spot on the UFC roster. Next in the welterweight division, another shot at earning a UFC contract is on the line as Erick Montano (7-3) took on Enrique Marin (9-2), and after going the distance congratulations to Erick Montano as he has earned a UFC contract. With a possible shot at the champion Mighty Mouse, the flyweights were up next as undefeated Olympian #5 Henry Cejudo (9-0) took on #3 Jussier Formiga (18-3), and after going the distance the winner by split decision and still undefeated Henry Cedudo.

Co Main Event Featherweight Division
#4 Ricardo Lamas (15-4) Vs Diego Sanchez (27-7)

In the co main event two of the UFC top featherweights took center stage, as Ricardo Lamas is in need of a victory to try to make a run at another title shot. UFC veteran Diego Sanchez makes his return to the UFC and makes his debut in the featherweight division. One of the most aggressive fighters in the UFC looking to show he isn’t close to being done, and a top contender that wants another crack at the gold. The 1st round started out with both fighters showing respect, Sanchez begins to push a little but Lamas is prepared. The round wears on and both fighters continue to trade some light jabs but after a spinning heel kick lands by Lamas both fighters exchange some heavy blows. Both fighters continue to work Lamas lands a takedown and attempts to take Sanchez Back, as Sanchez works his way out he turns the corner on Lamas and works the clinch as the 1st round comes to an end. Very even round some good shot landed for Lamas but pretty even. The 2nd round starts out with Lamas trying for a takedown but Sanchez manages to avoid the takedown and get into the clinch. After the break they work to the center and Lamas with a deadly calf shot and Sanchez is hurt but the warrior himself is egging Lamas on and they continue to trade blows. Lamas works Sanchez into the clench and in the blink of an eye Sanchez turns the table and takes down Lamas. Lamas attempts to take Sanchez back and it back fires as Sanchez looks to gain position the round comes to an end with Lamas taking Sanchez back but as that fails they work it back to the center and that’s it. A Big round for Ricardo Lamas. The 3rd and final round begins and Sanchez is clearly showing that his leg is hurt, with that being said both fighters waiting for the perfect time to strike. Sanchez eggs on Lamas trying to get him to unleash some punches but Lamas smartly picks his shots and works into the clinch. A brutal spinning back fists lands and cuts Sanchez eye but that doesn’t stop him as he continues to push on. The 3rd round is coming to an end and Lamas is smartly taking his shots as he knows he’s on his way to a victory. After going the distance the winner by unanimous decision Ricardo Lamas. A big win for Lamas defiantly could see him going up against Max Holloway or someone else in the top 5.

Main Event Welterweight Division
#13 Neil Magny (16-5) Vs #15 Kelvin Gastelum (12-1)

Two up and coming welterweights are looking for the perfect time to get a shot to make a name for themselves. Mr. reliable Neil Magny steps in again for an injured Matt Brown to take on a Hungary Kelvin Gastelum. Both fighters looking for a top 10 opponent and both are looking to shine on the main stage in the bright lights. The 1st round begins with Magny starting out with using his reach throwing some early jabs, but both fighters settle in showing respect. Gastelum puts on some pressure on Magny which leads to the clinch. A nice takedown by Magny is quickly erased as Gastelum escapes and lands a takedown of his own. Both fighters work on the ground as Magny takes Gastelum’s back, both hooks locked in Magny looks for a choke. As Magny loose the hooks he works his way into side control. Both fighters stand up and exchange some soft blows and that ends the 1st round. The 2nd begins with Magny using the reach advantage but quickly adjusting Is Gastelum as he lands a few shots of his own. They work the clench a few nice kicks from Gastelum followed up by a beautiful three punch combo that lands keeps this fight going. Magny is throwing shots and is not missing Magny tries for another takedown but the defense of Gastelum denies it. Both fighters are still looking for position as Magny lands another takedown. The 2nd round comes to and end with Magny showing that he came to fight. The 3rd round starts out with Gastelum starting to show some wear, Magny is being the aggressor here early in the 3rd round. The reach of Magny is affecting Gastelums strategy. Magny lands another takedown but right back on his feet is Gastelum, both fighters work the clench but a failed takedown attempt from Magny leads to a beautiful counter by Gastelum and the 3rd round comes to an end. Into the championship rounds we go round 4, the round starts out with Gastelum coming out with a little more confidence as he land some good shits but Magny uses that reach and lands another nice combo. After shaking off the combo Gastelum rocks Magny and down he goes. Gastelum starts with the ground and pound, but after some time Magny works his way out and gets rocked again. More ground and pound from Gastelum but the relentless Magny gets back up. The 4th round comes to an end as a very confident Gastelum goes into the 5th and final round looking for a win. As the 5th round begins this fight is dead even, both fighters are not showing any sign of exhaustion, a big take down landed by Gastelum followed by ground and pound. Magny works his way back up into the clench. Both fighters work in their jabs as now exhaustion is starting to set in, a nice body kick lands for Gastelum but Magny follows up with a takedown. Magny attempts to take Gastelum’s back, but after a scramble Magny finds himself on his back followed by some ground and pound and the 5th and final round comes to an end. After going the distance the winner by Split Decision Neil Magny. A hard tough fought victory for Magny especially at the end were he looked like he was on his toes, but with all the shots landed and takedowns Magny pushed himself ahead of Gastelum but both guys fought their hearts out, they took the bright lights and ran with it. A big win for Magny big things could be coming for Mr. reliable.

That’s a wrap from Monterrey Mexico a hell of a night, the card was stacked and I will say that the KO did come early but towards the end a lot of fighting was seen. Two new fighters are on the roster and 3 big wins for 3 top fighters in their respective weight classes. A lot of changes in the rankings are coming and possibly maybe even a title fight announced.

At the Post fight press conference was announced that the attendance was 10,410 fans. Unfortunately a live gate was not announced. Check out the Post fight press conference replay and official full fight card results below.

Fight Night Monterrey: Post-fight Press Conference:



Neil Magny def. Kelvin Gastelum by
split decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)

Ricardo Lamas def. Diego Sanchez by
unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Henry Cejudo def. Jussier Formiga by
split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)

Erick Montano def. Enrique Marin
to win “TUF: Latin America 2” welterweight tournament by
split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Enrique Barzola def. Horacio Gutierrez
to win “TUF: Latin America 2” lightweight tournament by
unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Leandro Silva def. Efrain Escudero by
unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Erik Perez def. Taylor Lapilus by
unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Bartosz Fabinski def. Hector Urbina by
unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Alejandro Perez def. Scott Jorgensen by
TKO (injury) in Round 2, 4:26

Andre Fili def. Gabriel Benitez bu
knockout (strikes) in Round 1, 3:13


Alvaro Herrera def. Vernon Ramos by
TKO (punches) in Round 1, 0:30

Polo Reyes def. Cesar Arzamendia by
knockout (punch) in Round 1, 3:42

Michel Prazeres def. Valmir Lazaro by
split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Rick San Bartolome

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