Andrei Arlovski: Alistair Overeem

After his KO victory revenge style over Bigfoot Silva, this past Saturday; for his next fight I would like to see is Alistair Overeem. With the updated ranking yet to be released, one could assume the previously #14 ranked Arlovski (now #7) and the previously #10 ranked Overeem (now #11) could make sense. Both have finishing power and both could be finished. This could be yet another “don’t blink” heavyweight fight for the UFC. Both men have a strong fan base, both bring that at times inevitable “OMG” moment.

Gleison Tibau: Ross Pearson

Two gritty lightweights are always fun to watch. Not many are more fun than Tibau and Pearson. Pearson the #15 ranked lightweight coming off his victory over Gray Maynard, is in need of an opponent. Tibau who hasn’t cracked the top 15 needs an opponent after his split decision win over Piotr Hallmann. The equation solves itself. Basic math here people. Fun fight between two guys looking to improve their status in the deepest, and richest weight class in the UFC, neither will let this chance to jump up the ladder pass by without going full force.

Leonardo Santos: Joe Lauzon

I love ground fighting. I love scrappers. Two guys whose grit outweighs them by about 100lbs. That’s what we have here. Let this fight be a thing, make me happy please?

Iuri Alcantra: Michael McDonald

Two guys whose careers seem to be going in opposite directions. McDonald had his shot at the 135lb. title vs. Renan Barao, and got spanked. He beats Brad Pickett then gets spanked again by Urijah Faber. The talent is there, but where is the consistency? Time for the kid to follow through on the promise he was showing just a couple years ago. Alcantra will answer the questions we have about McDonald.

Jessica Andrade: Ronda Rousey

The 22 year old Andrade may not be ready for a title shot, but what else is there? Ronda will be looking to fight again soon. Who is there at the women’s bantamweight division for her? Not many names, the fire breathing dragon that is Ronda Rousey has run through most of them, with varying degrees of ease. Andrade would be a lamb to the slaughter, again I ask, who?

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