UFC Fighter Matheus Nicolau Becomes the First-Ever Latin American Athlete to Get Paid in Bitcoin

Bitwage is slamming the most brutal sport right on its head by working with the #8-ranked flyweight Matheus Nicolau to help him become the first-ever Latin American athlete and the second UFC Fighter ever to get his paycheck in Bitcoin. Thanks to Bitwage, he was able to get paid without his employer needing to sign up directly. In addition to Matheus, his PR manager Vinícius Las Casas will also be paid in Bitcoin, making them the first-ever fighter/manager duo to be paid in Bitcoin.

In the most brutal sport in the world, a strong mentality is everything.

“I make my money the hard way. I bleed for it. It is an intense sport where you put everything on the line. While I constantly fight on one hand, I have a feeling I am constantly losing money on the other. Then it hit me: Bitcoin is the solution. I worked with Bitwage to create this solution to ensure that my work pays dividends in the future.” – Matheus Nicolau

Bitwage is a company known for their premium payroll service that allows anyone in the world to get paid in Bitcoin without their employer needing to be onboarded. This creates a solution where paychecks are faster, cheaper, and more accessible to anyone in the world. They’ve been providing this premium service since 2014.

Here’s how it works: You register with Bitwage and receive a bank account number. Next, you choose what percentage you want to receive in Bitcoin, and then you give the new account number to your employer. Once they send the paycheck, you will receive Bitcoin in an address that you control. If you did not allocate 100% to go into Bitcoin, you will receive the rest of the money to your regular bank account. This is exactly how Matheus will be receiving his future payments from the UFC.

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“When Matheus asked me to join him on this Bitcoin journey, I knew we needed to have a plan. Matheus’s proof-of-work is in his blood and his sweat, so we couldn’t afford mistakes. We needed security turned up to the max. I knew that from the start. Protecting ourselves at all times. Not only that, I knew we had to have control over our Bitcoin at all times as well. We also needed someone to guide us through all of this. Bitwage helped us all the way through and provided us with a true, in-person concierge service that one can only dream of. They flew in and provided VIP onboarding, which made us feel very welcomed and very grateful to be a part of. We can’t recommend them enough and we ask that you consider taking your next payment in Bitcoin. Tell them we sent you. ” -PR Manager – Vinicius Las Casas

Bitcoin is a true digital gold that is decentralized, borderless and non-confiscatable. With a supply cap of 21 million, it is mind-boggling to think how something can be both digital and scarce. If you were to rally up all the USD millionaires in the world (approx. more than 57 million) there would not be enough for even just half a Bitcoin per person. In Latin America, this scarcity is inherently understood: People use Bitwage as a lifesaver to help them add more value to their work while circumventing inflation.

“Working with Matheus has been a rewarding experience for us,” said Bitwage CEO Jonathan Chester. “He’s an amazing fighter with a champion mentality. Having our team go to Rio De Janeiro in-person was part of our exclusive concierge service that we provide. We educate, create protocols, set backups, and have them test it on their own. What is most important is that we spread the knowledge and educate our VIPs so they become true sovereign individuals. This treatment isn’t exclusive to athletes and VIP customers: it’s available to anyone. Matheus represents our exponential growth trend in Latin America, with people opting to get paid in Bitcoin and stablecoins in order to preserve their hard-earned money.” –
Jonathan Chester, CEO of Bitwage.

Matheus – the #8-ranked flyweight with a 17-2-1 record –is fighting this weekend on Saturday, March 26th against David Dvorak in Columbus, Ohio, and his paycheck will arrive to him as Bitcoin to an address he controls, thanks to Bitwage.

Matheus and Vinícius symbolize the continuation of a trend for athletes to get paid in Bitcoin: professional soccer players Achara Ifunanyachi and Alex Crognale made similar moves in 2021 by using Bitwage as their premium service provider.


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