UFC Ultimate Fighter Finale Team Jedrzejczyk vs. Team Gadelha Recap & Results

LAS VEGAS (Saturday, July 8, 2016)  For the second consecutive night the UFC comes to you live from The MGM Grand Garden Arena and as it was last night, the main event will be for a world title. On this night it was just a bit different as on this night four fighters will fight to earn a contract with the UFC. Two strawweights and two light heavyweights fought to make all their dreams come true, Andrew Sanchez and Khalil Rountree are the light heavyweight finalist and Amanda Cooper and Tatiana Suarez are the strawweight finalist. On their first UFC card they were the last two fights before the main event and with all on the line it was put up or shut up. In the main event a rematch between two women that hate each other more than anything in the world, champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk beat #2 contender Claudia Gadelha in their first fight back in 2014 and with the fight ending in a split decision full of controversy Gadelha was out for revenge. Joanna vowed to beat Claudia one last time to show that the first fight wasn’t a fluke and the she is the true champion. Also on the card top lightweight contender Will Brooks made his UFC debut against Ross Person and lightweight contender Jake Mathews takes on Kevin Lee in the featured fight Pass bout. Two fighters will have their dreams come true and two will see it pass by their eyes, two women that take the word rivalry to a hole other level fight to be the queen of the 115 pound division. The prelims kick off on the UFC Fight Pass.


The 1st prelim bout is in the welterweight division as Jingliang Li (10-4) took on Anton Zafir (7-2), the action starts off fast and furious as Jingliang Li comes out with a big bang as Li lands the big blow and finishes up with some ground and pound. Winner: Jingliang Li (11-4) by KO Round 1. – Looser: Anton Zafir (7-3). Next up the lightweight UFC Fight Pass headliner as Jake Mathews (11-1) took on late replacement Kevin Lee (12-2), a great lightweight fight that ends with a shock, Kevin Lee showed that him being a late replacement wasn’t going to be an issue as the Mo Town Phenom gets the TKO finish over the highly talented Jake Mathews. Winner: Kevin Lee (13-2) by TKO Round 1. – Looser: Jake Mathews (11-2). As the prelims switch over to FS1 the middleweights kick things off as Cezar Ferreira (10-5) took on Anthony Smith (25-11), a great back and forth fight that showed not to count out Cezar Ferreira, and Anthony Smith just couldn’t get comfortable throughout the fight. Winner: Cezar Ferreira (11-5) by Unanimous Decision (29-28,29-28,29-28). – Looser: Anthony Smith (25-12).

Next up in the light heavyweight division the two runner ups in the light heavyweight portion of TUF go head to head as Cory Hendricks (3-0) took on Josh Stansbury (7-3), a good first showing for both UFC rookies but it was Josh Stansbury that was able to do more than Hendricks throughout that fight and that’s what sealed the deal. Winner: Josh Stansbury (8-3) (29-27,29-27,28-28) by Majority Decision. – Looser: Cory Hendricks (3-1). Next up in the flyweight division former title challenger #6 John Moraga (16-4) took on Matheus Nicolau (11-2-1), a great showing for Matheus Nicolau in his flyweight debut. Nicolau was able to keep Moraga close and really keep the former title challenger from getting comfortable. Winner: Matheus Nicolau (12-2-1) by Split Decision (29-28,29-28,29-28). – Looser: John Moraga (16-5). In the featured prelim fight two featherweights went head to head as former title challenger Gray Maynard (12-6-1) took on Fernando Bruno (16-3), Gray came out on fire and put on a show that proved that he belongs in the featherweight division, Bruno fought hard but just gassed out towards the end. Winner: Gray Maynard (13-6-1) by Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27). – Looser: Fernando Bruno (16-4).

The main card kicked off in the lightweight division as Joaquim Silva (8-1) took on the undefeated Andrew Holbrook (11-0), as fast is it began it was over Joaquim Silva came out of a cannon throwing bombs, Holbrook was rocked some ground and pound followed and that’s all she wrote. Winner: Joaquim Silva (9-1) by TKO Round 1. – Looser: Andrew Holbrook (11-1). Next up in the featherweight division Dooho Choi (13-1) took on Thiago Tavares (24-6-1), Dooho Choi showed he is here to stay as he gets took down three times but still finishes Thiago in the 1st round with a huge right hand. Winner: Dooho Choi (14-1) by TKO Round 1. – Looser: Thiago Tavares (24-7-1). Next up in the lightweight division top prospect Will Brooks (17-1) makes his UFC debut against Ross Pearson (21-10), a great debut for Will Brooks and the heart of Ross Pearson will always keep the Real Deal in the fight. As close as it was Ill Will was able to do enough to get the win. Winner: Will Brooks (18-1) by Unanimous Decision (29-28,29-28,29-28). – Looser: Ross Pearson (21-11).

In the first TUF Finale matchup the strawweights took center stage as Amanda Cooper (2-1) took on Tatiana Suarez (4-0), a lot of action early and often but Tatiana Suarez not only showed in the show just how dominant she was but here in the finale a very strong ground game and a beautiful D’Arce Choke seals the deal for Suarez. Your newest fighter in the Women’s Strawweight division and your Season 23 TUF Champion Tatiana Suarez. Winner: Tatiana Suarez (5-0) by Submission – D’Arce Choke Round 1. – Looser: Amanda Cooper (2-2). In the co main event it was the light heavyweight TUF finale as Andrew Sanchez (8-2) took on Khalil Rountree (5-0), both guys fought hard and showed that they deserved to be in the final but it was Andrew Sanchez who was perfect on the ground and taking the power of Rountree out of the fight completely sealed the win for Mr. Sanchez. Your newest fighter in the Light Heavyweight division and Season 23 TUF Champion Andrew Sanchez. Winner: Andrew Sanchez (9-2) by Unanimous Decision (30-25,30-25,30-26). – Looser: Khalil Rountree (5-1).

Main Event Strawweight Title Fight
C Joanna Jedrzejczyk (11-0) Vs #1 Claudia Gadelha (13-1)

The main event was for the women’s strawweight title of the world, champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Claudia Gadelha are the definition of a rivalry and with their first fight being close as it gets this rematch answered all the unanswered questions. The fight opened up with the challenger laying the champion down with a big right hand but Jedrzejcyk was able to regroup and back to her feet. Gadelha went with her same strategy from the first fight as she landed 3 takedowns in the 1st round that enabled her to land some big ground and pound. Into the 2nd Gadelha lands another takedown but little damage done as Jedrzejcyk continued to work her way back up to her feet. Into the 3rd we go and the champion begins to turn on the pressure and land some big shots that are wearing down Gadelha. Claudia lands a takedown but the relentlessness of the champion pays off and Jedrzejcyk gets back to her feet. As the round came an end both fighters lay some big elbows on each other and as we make are way into the championship rounds both fighters are tired. Into the 4th Jedrzejcyk starts to pour it on and Gadelha was starting to wear. With the final and 5th round starting chance are the rounds are at 2 to 2. In the 5th it was all Jedrzejcyk the champion just continued to turn on the gas and Gadelha just didn’t have answers she needed. Jedrzejcyk was able to come back from losing the first two rounds and just put on a show. Gadelha gassed out but lasted all five rounds. At the end of the night Jedrzejcyk still reigns.

Winner: #AndStill Strawweight Champion Joanna Jedrzejcyk (12-0) by Unanimous Decision (48-46,48-45,48-46)
Looser: Claudia Gadelha (13-2)

By: Rick San Bartolome
“The Franchise”



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