UFC192 Cormier vs Gustafsson Recap & Results

Houston, TX – Sunday October 04, 2015–Live from the Toyota Center in Houston Texas, the UFC put on one hell of a show.

With the debut of a future superstar, a return of a UFC great, and the defense of the Light heavyweight title. The UFC expected a huge night to unfold with a stacked card, but with the news breaking that former welter weight champion Big Rig Johnny Hendrix wasn’t going to be able to make his weight cut. With already having making weight in the past, the former champion had no choice but to bail out of the fight. As for Tyron Woodley who was looking for his revenge on big rig will not fight tonight, but was rewarded the next title fight after Lawler defends his title against Condit. With the news over shadowing the main event, the light heavyweights tore down the house showing that there division is the most popular and deadliest in the UFC.

The prelims kicked off on the UFC Fight pass with three fights. The first fight kicked off with heavyweights as Derrick Lewis (13-4) finished Viktor Pesta (10-2) by TKO in the 3rd round. The second fight featured the younger brother of former light heavyweight champion Anthony Showtime Pettis, Sergio Pettis (13-2) took on Chris Cariaso (17-8) and defeated him by unanimous decision.

In the final fight of the UFC fight pass prelims, it was the debut of the 19-year-old MMA sensation Sage Northcutt (6-0). As he finished his opponent Frank Trevino (12-2) with some deadly elbows and lighting like punches. This kid has a future in the UFC and I think I can speak for all the MMA world, we can’t wait to see what happens next for Northcutt. In the first fight on the FS1 edition of the prelims we kick things off with the Womens Straweight division as #4 ranked contender Rose Namajunas (4-2) defeats Angela Hill (2-2) by a standing rear naked choke, a lot of heart showed by Hill but it just wasn’t enough tonight.

In the next fight the lightweights took center stage as Adriano Martins (28-7) took on Islam Makhachev (12-1) and BOOM goes the dynamite, as Martins lands a huge right hook and lays out Makhachev. Martins earns the 1st round TKO victory. Next up Alen Jouban (12-4) takes on Albert Tumenov (16-2), and late in the first round a lights out left hand to the face of Jouban by Tumenov earns him the TKO victory. In the main bout on the prelims portion of the card the Mexican superstar Yair Rodriguez (6-1) takes on heavy hitter Daniel Hooker (13-6), and after 3 rounds Yair Rodriguez wins by unanimous decision, finishing the fight with a broken right foot. He showed a lot of heart and a good showing from Hooker as well.

The main card kicked off with a big Women’s Bantamweight division bout, as #6 ranked contender Jessica Evil Eye (11-3) took on #12 ranked contender Julianna Pena (7-2), a first round full of action from both sides, Pena with some deadly elbows and Eye with some amazing defense. 2nd round was a big round for Evil Eye as she took control of the fight but as an illegal Knee by eye caused a break in the fight. Pena had control on the ground and when the knee occurred the ref stopped the fight took a point from eye and re started the fight standing up when the fight should have been re started in the down position. 3rd round was nothing less than amazing both fighters tore the house down and Pena with the unanimous decision victory. A huge win for Pena, and with this win she should finder herself in the top 10.

Next up the flyweights take center stage as the #1 ranked Fly weight in the world Joseph Benavidez (22-4) takes on Ali Bagautinov (13-3). After three rounds Joseph Benavidez gets the unanimous decision victory and states his claim that he deserves a 3rd fight against the champion Mighty Mouse Johnson. Next up The big bad heavyweights, Shawn Jordan (18-6) takes on Rusian Magomedov (13-1). Both of these monsters put up a hell of a fight and after three rounds Rusian Magomedov gets the unanimous decision victory. Jordan looked hurt at the end but now knock on Rusian he was on point tonight.

Co Main Event Light Heavyweight Division #5 Rashad Evans (24-3-1) Vs #4 Ryan Bader (20-4)

This was a fight we are all excited to see, not just because there are title implications for the winner but it’s the return of former champion Rashad Suga Evans. He returns after two years off to a battle with one of the hottest fighters in all of MMA Ryan Bader. Both men need a win to not just get a shot at the title, but stay relevant in a packed division. Round one started off with what everyone expected would happen Evans starting off a little slow trying to get his feet wet again while feeling Bader Out. Bader on the other hand came out swinging looking for the quick finish wasting no time and taking advantage of Evans slow start. As the round went along Evans found his stroke and evened out the fight. As the 2nd round started with a touch of the gloves and Bader continuing to work in that sneaky right hand, and after some more stand up action Bader takes a successful shot and takes down Evans not once but twice. After Evans gets back to his feet a little a little mouse and his right eye starts to appear, and as Evans vision is blurred it doesn’t stop him from working as he continues to put on the pressure. Evans lands a leg kick that hurt Bader, but both mean continue to land big blows on one another. The 2nd round came to a close with both in the clench against the cage. The 3rd round begins with Bader having a slight lead on Evans but still pretty close in my eye. As the round goes on Bader begins to play defense and by doing that it is leaving Evans to have to work harder for his offense, but as the round came to an end another takedown for Bader sealed the victory. Bader wins by unanimous decision and really has made a statement for getting a shot at the title. Bader worked in all of his dominant skills and made it very difficult for Evans to do anything and after establishing the early dominance and Evans was already in come back mode. Evans fought hard but the ring rust showed should be exciting to see what is next for the former champion.

Main Event Light Heavyweight Championship C Daniel Cormier (16-1) Vs #2 Alexander Gustafsson (16-3)

In the main event the champion Daniel Cormier defends his title for the first time against Alexander Gustafsson. Gus who is getting his second shot at the title, with his first shot coming in a losing effort against Jon Jones at UFC165. Cormier who also lost to Bones Jones as well at UFC182, but won the title against Anthony Rumble Johnson back at UFC187. In his first title defense he gets to do it in his home town. The first round begins fast and full of action a touch of the gloves and little feeling each other out and the champion goes in for a single and slams down Gustafsson. A very impressive takedown followed by good ground and pound. Gus shows off his great defense, but DC is a beast when in control and he continued his dominance. As DC worked in side control Gus found himself an opening and got back to stand up position. As the first round came to a close the two fighters exchanged some punches and the end came. As the 2nd round began Gus uses his long reach to an advantage keeping DC honest, but both fighters continued to trade punches. Gus lands one on the champion and a cut appears under DC’s eye. Gus lands a takedown but DC gets up quickly and works his Way into a clinch. Gus really did a good job staying in the fight causing DC to work harder. Gus working the jab but DC lands some mean uppercuts and evens the fight out. DC continues to struggle with the long length of Gus, but the champion lands some mean upper cuts and letting Gus know that he is still in this fight, but Gus works in a late takedown making that the second one of the fight. As the 3rd round began its safe to say the fight is even. Picking up where they left off by exchanging bombs with one another at this point it has become a war, DC keeps coming with the upper cuts and really starting to bust up Gustafsson face. The upper cuts keep coming from DC serving it on a platter to a busted open nose of Gustafsson. Just as you think DC is running away with the fight Gus lands some blows and a huge knee straight to the face and DC dropped to the floor. Gustafsson goes in for ground and pound and DC works his way out. A hell of a battle to this point. As the championship rounds begin Gus continues to work DC with some kicks and a quick jab, just as Gus starts out hot DC comes back and has Gus running. Huge blows landing by DC, but his eye is becoming to be a factor. The crowd starts with a DC DC DC chant and both of the fighters respond by trading blows, another big knee by Gus leads to some heavy offense. DC knows that he’s starting to fade and starts to put on the pressure DC lands a hard blow to the challengers face as the 4th round comes to an end. The 5th and final round a hell of a fight up to this point a straight war between these two warriors. With the fight dead even the fighters pick up where they left off by exchanging blows, DC finds a burst of energy and lands some mean shots, but Gus continues to use his length to keep DC honest and back.  Gus goes in for a takedown as DC counters it he lands a few hard right hands to the challenger. Both fighters come to a clench, and the wear on both fighters is starting to show. The coaches in DC’s corner start to call for a takedown, but the champion decided to stay and exchange blows, as both men come into the clench Gustafsson face is covered in blood and DC eye is shot, as both men are completely exhausted the 5th round comes to and end with both mean going the distance.

Both of these men tore down the house, and with the fight as close as it can get the winner AND STILL The undisputed Light Heavyweight champion of the world Daniel Cormier by split decision. Both men worked to all of their strengths and beat the hell out of each other no doubt it was as close at it can get. These two warriors showed how this sport is the best a true champion Daniel Cormier is a warrior.

As the night comes to and end a lot of finishes and a lot of wars were fought. At the end of the night a future star may have been noticed, a legend returned to a lost, and two men went to war for a chance to be the top Light Heavyweight in the world. Whats next for theses fighters I couldn’t tell you but Texas saw just how strong the MMA world is and what a way to show everyone with Daniel DC Cormier retaining his title.

UFC 192: Cormier vs. Gustafsson Results:


  • Daniel Cormier def. Alexander Gustafsson
    to retain light heavyweight title by
    split decision (48-47, 47-48, 49-46)
  • Ryan Bader def. Rashad Evans by
    unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Ruslan Magomedov def. Shawn Jordan by
    unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)
  • Joseph Benavidez def. Ali Bagautinov by
    unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
  • Julianna Pena def. Jessica Eye by
    unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)


  • Yair Rodriguez def. Daniel Hooker by
    unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)
  • Albert Tumenov def. Alan Jouban by
    TKO (kick, punches) in Round 1, 2:55
  • Adriano Martins def. Islam Makhachev bu
    knockout (punch) in Round 1
  • Rose Namajunas def. Angela Hill by
    submission (rear-naked choke) in Round 1, 2:47


  • Sage Northcutt def. Francisco Trevino by
    TKO (elbows) in Round 1, 0:57
  • Sergio Pettis def. Chris Cariaso by
    unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-28)
  • Derrick Lewis def. Viktor Pesta by
    TKO (punches) in Round 3, 1:15

Goodnight Texas.

Rick San Bartolome

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