UFL 8: Sonmez vs Souza Results

London, England: The Ultimate Fight League (UFL) took place on Saturday, February 5, 2022, as they hosted UFL 8. This event did stream live and free on the Triad Endeavour TV YouTube. FightBook MMA has your complete and official results below.

In the main event, the UFL Featherweight Championship title was on the line as Leandro “Leandrinho” Souza (10-4) fighting out of Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Sao Paulo took on Emrah Sonmez (12-4) fighting out of England. This fight did not take long as Sonmez was able to defeat Souza in the first round by TKO due to ref stoppage.

In the co-main event, George “Son Of Dracula” Tanasa (2-2) fighting out of Transylvania, Romania faced Sebastian Peste (0-2) fighting out of London, England. This fight also didn’t take long as Tanasa was able to defeat Peste in the first round via submission armbar.

UFL 8: Sonmez vs Souza Results:

Emrah Sonmez vs Leandro Souza featherweight title fight 5×5 rounds winner Emrah Sonmez round 1 tko ref stoppage.

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Chris Duncan vs Jonathan Carlos 77kg bout 3×5 rounds winner Chris Duncan unanimous decision

George Tanasa vs Sebastian Koszarski 70kg 3×5 rounds winner George Tanasa round 1 submission armbar.

Hasib Bin Tareq vs Christian Moraes k1 amateur title 3×2 rounds winner Hasib Bin Tareq unanimous decision

Aaron towns vs Tomasz Jarzy 66kg 3×3 ammy mma Tomasz Jarzy winner round 1 armbar.

James Pattie vs Billy James kell 84kg 3×3 ammy mma winner James Pattie tko round 1 ref stoppage.

Hristian Vasilev vs Romas Laginauskas 77kg ammy mma 3×3 rounds winner Romas round 1 ko

Rytis Kikutis vs Mickey Retter 60kg ammy mma 3×3 rounds winner Rytis Kikutis round 1 tko ref stoppage.

Mindaugas Mikaliak vs James Morrison 88kg ammy mma bout 3×3 rounds winner James Morrison round 2 Tko ref stoppage.


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