Unified MMA 24 Highlights and Results


Saturday September 26, 2015– Unified 24 took place on Saturday, September 25th at the Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta. And the event proceeded to be a night of finishes, along with a couple of pro debuts.

Garrett Harold vs Mike Geib

Round 1: The fight starts with Harold throwing a body kick before obtaining a quick takedown to gain side control. Geib manages to get back to his feet but Harold catches Geib in a guillotine. Geib manages to pull his head free and after attempting to force Harold down ends up on his back. Geib has a guillotine but Harold is quick to defend and lands several lefts. Gieb tries to get to his feet but Harold takes him down into full mount, raining down punches until referee Kyle Cardinal stops the fight.

Garret Harold defeats Mike Gieb via TKO at 2:12 in round 1.

Tope Martins vs Dalton Sauve

Round 1: Martins opens with a front kick but Sauve defends against it. After both fighters attempting several leg kicks, Martins gets a takedown but Sauve turns and locks a guillotine. Martins throws punches to the body and gets free, and lands a right as both fighters stand. Martins locks the clinch and an accidental knee to Sauve’s groin pauses the fight. On the restart, Martins fires jabs and sloppy leg kicks before the end of the round.

Round 2: The round starts with Martins firing a big kick over Sauve’s head, but Sauve comes back with a couple of leg kicks. Martins takes Sauve down to the mat and gains full mount, landing hard elbows. Martins then rains down some ground and pound until referee Vern Gormon steps in to wave off the fight.

Tope Martins defeats Dalton Sauve via TKO at 1:41 in round 2.

Mike Mannara vs Ronnie Oar

Round 1: Mannara comes out with a front quick and quickly lands a combo before securing a takedown into full mount. Oar tries to control the arms, but Mannara pulls free and lands an accidental shot to the back of the head. Time is called, and on the restart Mannara lands a couple of leg kicks. A powerful right puts Oar to the mat, and Mannara starts dropping bombs until Referee Kyle Cardinal steps in to stop the fight.

Mike Mannara defeats Ronnie Oar via TKO at 1:24 in round 1.

Ty Collier vs Shadey Yellowbird

Round 1: Both fighters collide instantly, with Collier easily taking Yellowbird to the mat. Misses a chance at a Sharpshooter, and decides to rain punches as Yellowbird attempts a heel hook. While avoiding the heel hook, Collier starts to land some heavy undefended punches to Yellowbird’s face until referee Vern Gorman steps in.

Ty Collier defeats Shadey Yellowbird via TKO at 1:50 in round 1.

Aaron Bosiak vs Justin Parsons

Round 1: Bosiak starts the round by landing a hard leg kick. Both fighters start swinging wild shots, but clinch up and compete for position against the cage. Parsons manages a knee to the body but Bosiak pushes for the takedown to full guard, slipping in a guillotine choke forcing his opponent to tap out. In his post fight interview, Bosiak calls out Ty Collier for a fight at Unified 25.

Aaron Bosiak defeats Justin Parsons via Guillotine Choke at 1:22 in round 1.

Bruno Marques vs James McGrath

Round 1: McGrath opens with a wild front kick, following up with a leg kick. MacGrath misses a spinning back kick, only to be answered with a solid right which drops McGrath. McGrath immediately jumps back up but Marques lands another straight right sending him back to the mat. Marques tries to look for the finish but referee Vern Gorman intervenes and waves off the fight with what may seem to be a controversial stoppage as McGrath still attempted to grab Marques.

Bruno Marques defeats James McGrath via TKO at 1:31 in round 1.

Mike Kent vs Nick Campbell

Round 1: Campbell unleashes a leg kick to start with Kent moving forward and looking to land some shots before attempting a takedown. Campbell defends and reverses the takedown, landing in half guard against the cage. Kent recovers guard as Campbell throws shots to the body. Kent attempts an armbar, but Campbell slams Kent on his head twice only to free himself and lands a couple of vicious knees to the body. Campbell looks to lock in a guillotine but Kent pushes for the takedown and transitions to side control. After Kent passes to half guard and works the body landing some shots. Kent stands and opens up with more solid shots before Kent takes Campbell’s back, then finishing the fight with a rear-naked choke. This submission gives Kent his first win in over 18 months.

Mike Kent defeats Nick Campbell via Rear-Naked Choke at 4:13 in round 1.

Victor Valimaki vs Tanner Boser

Round 1: Boser starts opening up early with some brutal leg kicks. Boser continues to land hard kicks to Valimaki’s thigh and knee, keeping him at range. Valimaki’s knee looks to be hurt, as the fighter seems to be cautiously stepping on it. Boser continues to throw more butchering leg kicks, as he shuts down Valimaki offensively for most of the round. Valimaki manages a couple of shots followed by a leg kick of his own only to be followed by another leg kick from Boser. Valimaki attempts to go for a takedown but Boser keeps his distance. Boser comes in with a flying knee which causes a clinch against the cage. Valimaki unleashed an uppercut to the body, followed by a leg kick as they separate. Valimaki blocks a high kick from Boser, but continues to receive more brutal leg kicks before the end of the round.

Round 2: As the fighters exchange punches and Boser continues with attacks to the legs, Boser lands some stiff shots followed by yet another fierce leg kick. Boser continues to assault Valimaki’s battered knee as well as unleashing a body kick which allowed Valimaki a takedown, getting into full mount. Valimaki looks to posture up and drops some big shots on Boser. Boser works to get back to his feet, releasing a volley of punches. After a minor slip, Boser comes back with a huge elbow to Valimaki. Boser then steps in with a teep kick to the knee, following up with one nasty leg kick that topples Valimaki to the mat. Referee Kyle Cardinal steps in, giving Boser his eighth and possibly biggest win of his career.

Tanner Boser defeats Victor Valimaki via TKO at 3:33 in round 2.

Article and Photo Credit By: Pat and Jessica Griffin

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