United Fight Alliance and Shamrock FC Sign Broadcast Deal

Tampa, FL – September 2, 2017 – United Fight Alliance (UFA), a Sports, Media and Entertainment Company comprised of fight promotions across the country and abroad, is pleased to announce it has partnered with Shamrock FC to broadcast their fights on UFA’s networks reaching over 100 million homes. Shamrock has long been the industry leader in MMA Events in the Midwest. The first two episodes, Shamrock 289 and Shamrock 290 will begin airing in September.                 

UFA’s CEO Jay Adams stated, “UFA is excited to be teaming up with Shamrock FC. They have a long, storied history, powerful partnerships and a great track record. I don’t know too many promotions that have even close to 300 events under their belt. It’s a testimony to Shamrock FC’s quality and tenacity and it always shows in their fights. We’ll kick off our coverage with Shamrock FC 289 and Shamrock FC 290, with more to come. Both are great cards and are sure to thrill our UFA audience.”

Shamrock FC CEO Jesse Finney announced, “We at Shamrock FC pride ourselves on being in business for almost 20 years while never having to compromise our morals or values. We have had other opportunities in the past, but have been looking for the right fit with the right people. A deal where we could get more eyeballs but keep our fight library and keep our options open long term. This is that fit. The team at UFA share in our belief that integrity still matters in this sport and we look forward to a successful partnership moving forward. This deal not only helps the organization, but gives the fighters an opportunity to showcase their talents to 115 million homes worldwide.”

Shamrock FC 289 will debut on Cox Sports Televisionon Wednesday, September 13th at 11:00p and Shamrock FC 290 will debut on CST on Wednesday September 20th at 11pm.  To locate CST channels, click here and for a map of CST affiliates clickhere. Chicago fans can watch Shamrock 289 on September 8th on Comcast SportsNet Chicago Plus and Shamrock 290 on September 9th on Comcast SportsNet Chicago.  Click here to find your local CSN-Chicago channel.  For a full list of the scheduled airing dates on these and more networks including ROOT SportsAT&T SportsNet and TuffTV visit UFA’s airing schedule.

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