United States Fight League Announces Roster For 2022 IMMAF Pan American Championships

The United States Fight League (USFL) has announced its lineup for the 2022 IMMAF Pan American Championships. The tournament will take place in Monterrey, Mexico, from June 22-24 and will be hosted by the Mexican Federation of Mixed Martial Arts (FAMMEJL).

These ten athletes will be representing the United States:

  • Hope Holmes (TX) [W Strawweight]
  • Adrian Ledezma (CA) [Strawweight]
  • Rashad Satterwhite (NV) [Flyweight]
  • Carlos Nanez (TX) [Bantamweight]
  • David Camacho (FL) [Featherweight]
  • Jonathan Powell (CA) [Featherweight]
  • Shane Collins (CA) [Lightweight]
  • Lester Batres Jr (TX) [Welterweight]
  • Anthony Orozco (CA) [Middleweight]
  • Gabe Rednose (OK) [Light Heavyweight]
  • David Krouse (PA) [Heavyweight]

There are also two fighters that will be on standby should another nation or athlete drop out of the competition. The standby athletes are as follows:

  • Gavin Cisneros (TX) [Lightweight]
  • Bobby Winther (CA) [Welterweight]

Both Adrian Ledezma and Rashad Satterwhite were former United States Fight League champions.

This adult roster was decided on by the United States Fight League’s selection committee, led by UFC Hall-of-Famer and IMMAF Athletes’ Commission member Forrest Griffin. Griffin worked alongside three regional selection committee heads (David Denkin, Eric Garcia, and Chip Post) to choose these athletes.

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“I was honored to get to play a small part in the selection process for the adult IMMAF competition in Monterrey,” Griffin said. “A lot of people put a lot of hard work into getting these athletes to competition. IMMAF is excited to build new relationships with new gyms, coaches, and athletes to develop a talent pipeline for future competitions.”

Rounding out the team’s leadership will be Jim Nightingale, who will serve as the delegation leader, and UFC veteran Joe Stevenson as the coach coordinator. California-based cryptocurrency Koa Combat is the team’s official sponsor.

“The United States has been involved in combat sports for a very long time,” Stevenson said. “Our fighters and their coaches have some of the best experience and knowledge in the world. We are very excited to showcase our skills on this world stage.”

Nightingale hopes to see the United States back on top of an international amateur mixed martial arts competition.

“We have the strongest youth program in the world,” he said. “We have the most talent in the world, and we need to put it back together. All we need to do is reassemble that machine to land back on top.”


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