Vape Pens 101: Everything You Need To Know

There’s barely any dearth of names for a classic vape device. While some people refer to them as vaporizer pens, others call them vape, pen-style, or vapor pens. Vape pens are undoubtedly a popular device, irrespective of the style or experience level, no matter how you name them. Come what your vape preference maybe, its introduction has been a wonder in vaping enthusiasts’ lives.

To millennials’ interests and preferences, the innovation of these pens has transformed vaping aficionados’ lives. And what has made every fan go gaga over vaping practices is the functionality of these devices. In this review post, beginners can learn the facts and facets of using these devices. So, let’s dive into the crash course guide explaining every detailed feature of Vape Pen 101.

Introducing What A Vape Pen Is All About

Vape Pen 101 is a pen-shaped vaporizer device. Cylindrical and compact, the pen-style vaporizer happens to be highly portable and ideal for on-the-go and discreet vaping. The size of the vape pen is slim and resembles a regular pen. While every vape pen is slightly different concerning design and brand, most of them feature similar components, as mentioned below.

1.   Tank

Most vape pens use a tank to hold an e-liquid, although various styles use disposable or refillable cartridges. Tanks get constructed from stainless steel, polycarbonate plastic, or glass. They feature an e-liquid that views the window for enthusiasts to keep an eye on the juice levels.

While purchasing a vape pen or a kit, you can get a tank designed for matching the device. However, before buying one of the available vape pens for sale, understand that you won’t be able to pair the tank with other vape pens. Thus, attain further details on its compatibility while shopping for a separate part.

2.   Battery

A vape pen needs lithium-ion batteries to operate. En route to finding the best vape pens, you usually will see batteries assigned some numerical values labeled with mAh units. In most cases, the higher the capacity of batteries, the more influential the device will become. With a bigger battery, there will be more vape time. Depending on the frequency and style of vaping, the pen battery can last all day long or requires recharging once a day.

3.   Atomizer

It is the heating element of the device used for heating the e-liquid. They are available in coil structures. Many coil materials and constructions produce different results, with a specific style crafted for maximizing the cloud production or intensifying the vapor flavor.

Vaping connoisseurs find it convincing to choose a DIY coil-building route. The process gets reserved for more extensive vape mods and not pens. For beginners, learning the functionality of these three things is of utmost significance:

  • A charger
  • Buttons, Sensors, or/and Lights
  • A mouthpiece

How to Use a Vape Pen

Their user-friendliness makes vape pens so much popular as an incredible choice for newbies. While operation might vary varies from one pen to another, most of them have these basic steps:

  • Firstly, make sure that it has a full charge.
  • If the pen includes a tank, you require opening it and filling it with the vape juice. A majority of tanks comprise a fill limit line. Thus, it is imperative to be careful not to overfill it.
  • Now’s the time to assemble the vape pen by screwing the battery, mouthpiece, and tank together.
  • After this, you can get started. If your vape pen has a button-activated button, press the power on the button.
  • If in doubt, refer to the device instructions

Tips to Maintain and Clean the Vape Pen

Purchasing basic supplies for cleaning at minimal cost will ensure your device’s safety. Useful supplies include cleaning powder or solution, small brushes, alcohol wipes, etc. Whatever supplies you find, it is essential to clean the vaporize consistently and regularly. On this note, here are the cleaning tips

  • Disassemble the device (detach that mouthpiece and separate the tank from its battery)
  • Scrub the interior and mouthpiece rim with cotton and alcohol wipes
  • Clean the device’s heating chamber and remove the residue
  • Wipe down the device’s the exterior
  • Allow components to dry out before reassembling

Tips to Buy Your Very First Vape Pen

Out of all buying parameters, the following are the tips to buy your first vape pen:

  • Decide the features that are of highest priority
  • Choose a reputable retailer
  • Read the customer reviews and get an insight into the perks and cons of the devices.
  • Check out vape forums and communicate with fellow vapers to get their input and suggestions.
  • Have a clear idea about the return policy in case the vape pen does not work.

Tweaks of Choosing Your Perfect E-Liquid

Upon discovering your perfect vape pen, it’s time to invest in the right e-liquid. For this reason, follow the given pointers.

  1. Select your preferred flavor
  2. Determine the nicotine strength
  3. Consider the PG/VG ratio

What’s Next?

A variety of vape pens come with built-in safety functions that guard against malfunction or user error. This is a perk especially valuable for beginners. But as a newbie, it’s your job to be responsible with the practice. Thus, avoid using damaged batteries and keep additional batteries. Never leave the pen in charge overnight. Ensure you read health and safety recommendations before you immerse into your vaping journey.


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