Vaping And Bodybuilding: All You Need To Know

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Not everyone can do bodybuilding. More than a workout, bodybuilding is a way of life that you do to push your body into being the best it can be. But when you smoke, you are inhibiting your body from reaching its full potential. 

With the introduction of vaping, bodybuilders now have a less harmful option to turn to. Vaping isn’t completely harmless, especially if you use vape juice containing nicotine, but it causes less harm than other nicotine delivery systems. In some instances, vaping can help a bodybuilder.

The pros and cons of vaping for bodybuilding

If you are not already dependent on nicotine or other substances, you must understand that this is not an invitation to start vaping. Vaping also comes with some risks, so if you don’t have any harmful habits, why start now? Let’s move on and find out the advantages and disadvantages of vaping:

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Suppress your appetite

Researchers conducting a study on nicotine’s effects on weight loss found how powerful it is as an appetite suppressant. It is the reason why most smokers gain weight once they quit. Instead of gaining weight, you can suppress your appetite in a less harmful way by vaping. 

What nicotine does is increase the metabolic and thermogenesis rate. In doing so, it causes a higher level of calories to burn. Nicotine also interacts with the pancreas. Its effect on the latter leads to a reduction in insulin secretion. When insulin levels are low, our body derives the energy it needs from the stored fat. 

There are hundreds of high-quality vape juices available on the market to suit your taste. If you want to make your e-juice last longer make sure to use authentic vape coils.

Breath better

Various nicotine delivery systems reap havoc on your lungs and airways. Their short-term effects include recurring colds and pneumonia, while chronic effects on the breathing include emphysema. 

When inhaling nicotine and monoxide carbon from various delivery systems, you boost the fibrinogen in your body, causing your good cholesterol to decrease and turn your blood into a less fluid liquid.

Vaping is a less harmful option because of how you ingest nicotine. With other delivery systems, you are putting tobacco directly in your body, and that includes your lungs. As a result, you will find it harder to train because of labored breathing, which will leave you feeling exhausted. With vaping, you inhale the vapor rather than the nicotine directly, so you will find it easier to breathe during your workouts. 

Still, there are many unknowns about the long-term effects of vaping on the lungs. So it’s best to consult an expert before you pick up any habit.

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Suppress muscle growth

The whole point of bodybuilding is to grow muscles and see your body reach its potential, but with a vaping pen, as with other delivery systems, you will be inhibiting muscle growth. This is because of the nicotine. The latter will affect the apoptosis in your body. Apoptosis is the biological process our body takes to develop new cells and grow muscle. 

If you want to continue your vaping journey and still see muscle growth, opt for nicotine-free vape juices. 

Nicotine-free vape juices might help you keep away from empty calories by satisfying your sweet tooth without actually consuming sugar. 

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Stimulate your body unnecessarily

If you are vaping with nicotine, you are unnecessarily stimulating your body. Nicotine is a stimulant that causes your heart to beat faster than it is required. A faster heartbeat is bad for your workout because it will lead you to work through your energy far more quickly, and thus, you will feel tired sooner. 

Moreover, vaping right after a workout should be avoided. Your body needs to cool down and relax after a workout. A common misconception is that you will be helping your body relax more through vaping because you start feeling more relaxed. 

However, the opposite is, in fact, true. With nicotine, your body is resting less than it should because it lowers the oxygen in the blood. Since oxygen is crucial for your muscles, you would be undoing a lot of the work done during your workout.

The healthiest approach to bodybuilding

Although it is easier said than done, reducing your nicotine consumption is the best way to reach your potential as a bodybuilder. Vaping is less harmful, but it still comes with risks and inhibitions. If you want to excel during your session,  try to reduce the intake of nicotine gradually.

You have enough strength in your muscles to lift the heaviest weights. You can also find the power inside of you to kick your harmful habits once and for all. 


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