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ASCENDANCY FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP 17 Victor Moreno Dominates in MAIN EVENT again, this time for the well respected Ascendancy Fighting Championship 17, in convincing fashion vs Roufus Sports Rmandel Cameron, in a high stakes grappling/wrestling clinic. This Moreno, was the best wrestling Victor Moreno I’ve seen to date. Now, #1 ranked Moreno, has been working exceptionally hard, over the last several years, in efforts to catch the eye, of a upper tier promotion on a global level, now with his 8th victory in 10 fights. When you consider Victor only fights the best opponents available to him, that will help propel him forward and upward, Why he hasn’t got a call back from Bellator, after going 1-0 there? I find this somewhat puzzling. Victor is the best around here, at 170lb and last night he showed yet again, another solid, dominant performance in a fight he had no time to strike much, having his hands full, every second of every round, R’Mandel was relentless in his pursuit of takedowns, in which R’Mandel tried to stand to mix it up, to set up the take down, but Victor was ready, every time R’Mandel shot in. Victors sprawls were the best I remember, seeing in his career. It was very obvious he had been working tons on his wrestling, for this high-caliber opponent in R’Mandel. Roufus sports Gym is the home of many Bellator and UFC veterans like Paul Felder, Sergio & Anthony Pettis, just to name a couple.

Victor is of the highest character, and morals. He’s a great family man, also a fantastic coach, who has recently assembled quiet the roster, of skilled fighters as his team also went 4-0 last night. Victors onquiet wa but I’m looking at him as the best welterweight in the entire state of Iowa, after last night. He just fought, a dangerous opponent from a World Class gym, with World Class sparring partners that’s known all over the world, and still It was apparent, R’Mandel had no interest in standing, frankly. When you consider these facts, then realize and he was never really in serious danger, it is a very impressive, in this conservative win. Victors mental game was on point, and he had to slow the fight down, just to be able to control the excellent, wrestler in R’Mandel. I mean Moreno had to proceed with extreme caution, against this opponent. One wrong move, and you just knew, Victor could be in some potential trouble, that would be very hard to “undo”. Moreno’s cornermen were also equally, as excellent, this night. His corner, guiding Moreno into VICTORY, yet again, one second at a time, one round at a time if Victor would’ve gotten impatient, it very easily could’ve ended differently.

To the casual fan, this fight might not have been that stimulating, but to us hardcore MMA people, who truly understand the grappling game, respect and recognize exactly what’s transpiring, this was nothing other than a very high stakes, chess match. Simply…… this was a work of art, by Victor Moreno & his team. Victor tossed and flipped, and reversed R’Mandel at will, several times, during the bout, which caught me by surprise, in it’s awesomeness. I notice Victor could’ve manhandled R’mandel probably more so, but I also, could tell R’Mandel’s wrestling was so strong, I quickly realized Victor had to be very smart, to conserve his energy with this very athletic youngster (from Milwaukee, Wisconsin). Moreno conserved his explosive movements mostly, for when R’Mandel was threatening. What I think the casual fan don’t realize is, that Victor could’ve fought more aggressively, but he had to keep a pace, and had to use his explosions/energy for defense/reversals, not offense, which was exactly what he needed to do, and he did. Victor, could not risk losing position, attempting to advance to a better position. I feel the key to fighting is recognizing the danger in front of you, and doing whatever it takes, to find Victory, and Victor put on a complete concentration exhibition, and listened to his corner very well, every second of this bout. There were no time for breathers, or any lack of concentration. Moreno had sweat squirting out of him almost, post fight, and I believe some of that sweat was actually from having to think so intensely, for 3 straight rounds. I always say “I prefer a smart fighter, over an aggressive fighter, and on this night, smart he was. He had to be. Iowa Beat Down had Moreno ranked #3 in Iowa pre fight. Post fight Iowa Beat Down has him ranked as the best Welterweight in IOWA. Give this man his dues, and provide him a huge opportunity, he’s been fighting for 15 plus years, and is 40-18, winning last 2 of 3, and 8 of last 10, c’mon. This man is full of class and doesn’t beg. I mean…Moreno completely destroyed an equally big Tyler Vogel, in roughly 60 seconds. I mean Vogel , a title holder at the time, had fought at 185-205 his whole career, dropped to 170 and got ko’d for the first time in his career by Superman, in January 2017 MAIN EVENT TITLE bout. Both men stood at 6’3”. Someone, give this IOWA stud, a huge fight, outside of IOWA! Bellator/UFC/M1 etc. whats up?

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Fast Fact​: Victor Moreno​’s only 2 defeats in his last 10 bouts have to Jason Jackson​ via 1st TKO ( VFC Champion) in 2016, and most recently Black Belt, Yuri Villefort​ via 1st round guillotine, after getting clipped early (UFC Vet/VFC Champion Dec 2017) both high-octane, World Class fighters on VFC PPV.


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