VIDEO – BRAVE CF 50: Louis Glismann imposes his will, stops Kevin Ruart

Before Louis Glismann vs Kevin Ruart started, the question hanging in the air was who between the two men would be able to impose his own style. And quickly became clear that Glismann had the upper hand.

The grappling specialist managed to avoid Ruart’s vicious striking and bring the fight to his own terms. In the second round, “Spartacus” got Ruart’s back and did not leave until the fight was over.

But it wasn’t one of Glismann’s usual submissions that put the fight to an end. The Danish star showed a huge fight IQ by quickly transitioning between submission attempts and a vicious ground-and-pound, which, with only 3 seconds left in the clock, forced the referee to stop the fight. With the win, Glismann improved his professional record to 8-2.

VIDEO – Louis Glismann stops Kevin Ruart –

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