VIDEO: ‘Road to BRAVE CF 41’ presents Gaucho and Fakhreddine’s upcoming clash for the ages

Seef District, Bahrain – BRAVE Combat Federation’s 41st edition will mark the collision of two of the Middleweight division’s strongest fighters. Reigning world champion Daniel Gaucho meets top contender Mohammad Fakhreddine in the main event in a battle that promises to shake the mixed martial arts world to its core.

In order to detail both men’s roads to this championship fight, the fastest-growing organization in the world has put together a special Road to BRAVE CF 41, which fans can watch on the promotion’s YouTube channel. For Daniel, the prize of becoming a champion was the highest achievable glory of his career and he’s not ready to give that up.

His rapid rise to fame is described in detail, as Gaucho debuted with BRAVE CF in August of last year, but after impressing so much with his vicious KO victory against Bruno Assis, earned the chance of fighting for the title.

Once again, fighting away from home, in South Africa, he took on the national hero Chad Hanekom for the inaugural title, and once again displayed his brutal skills, by stopping ‘’Superman’’ in the second round.

He now faces Mohammad Fakhreddine, who has had a very difficult year in 2020. After the Covid-19 pandemic made it difficult for him to train, he had to deal with his house burning down, and the aftermath of the traumatic incident in his beloved Beirut, Lebanon.

For Fakhreddine, BRAVE CF 41 is a chance for him to end the year in glory and make the ultimate comeback. However, a magnificent beast stands in his way. Gaucho has showcased raw and brutal power again and again, while also displaying his surviving skills. BRAVE CF 41 goes down in the Kingdom of Bahrain on September 17th as the first of three Kombat Kingdom events to take place in the next few weeks.


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