(UPDATED VIDEO) UFC Veteran, Josh Neer gets into Backstage Brawl at AFC Event

During the AFC (Ascendancy Fighting Championship) event, headlined by Cory Simpson and Jonathon Thomson, a brawl broke out between former UFC competitor, Josh Neer, who more recently competed at WBKFF’s debut event, and Brian Green. Green (32-24), is a former Bellator veteran, having squared off against Houston Alexander, Rory Markham, and rising UFC star, Anthony Smith, who he went the distance with.

Following the altercation, both took to social media:

Josh Neer:

I don’t even wanna post about this but I guess I should clarify things. Brian Green has been running his mouth about me for 3 years, bc he needs attention and a payday bc he’s lazy and doesn’t wanna get a job.
I seen him tonight and asked him what’s up? We got into a little scuffle and he got snatched up by his neck and ragdolled around. I didn’t wanna punch him bc I didn’t wanna go to jail. He punched me and my False tooth came out. It just needs screwed back in. He can act like he did something. But the tooth screw was already loose from my fight 2 weeks ago.
He’s not getting a payday so if he wants to fight, he knows where I live.

Brian Green:

Yo someone ask THE DENTIST JOSH NEER if he still had his teeth? The douchebag just attacked me while I was in full training gear, and I took my stuff off and he attacked me again so he got cracked with a 3 piece n Too many people witnessed it.. Dude wants to fight me ANYWHERE but in a sanctioned fight.

Such a punk. LETS FIGHT FOR REAL!, you ignorant fool!

Let’s give it to Des Moines fight fans! You Clown!

(Nov. 22, 2018) New footage of the backstage fight has surfaced, showing Neer and Green’s longstanding rivalry come to blows.

‘The Dentist’ Neer was at the AFC event in support of his friend, Cory Simpson, who later lost in the main-event title fight.

(video taken by: Robert Win)

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