By Cameron Chrisp/Iowa Beat Down
Event: March 24, 2018
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Venue: Seven Flags Event Center

“I think he split my eye with an elbow, and broke my nose with a knee”-Jay

“I had him against the fence, just crushing him with elbows to the side of the head, and
he was just takin‘em”-Jay

FightBookMMA checks in with Creston, Iowa’s, Brody Jay​ of Victor Top Team (VTT) about his heavy-handed UD victory over Ago Huskic​ 4-0 (Des Moines martial Arts Academy/Porcelli’s Training Center). At the time I interviewed Jay had just gotten his stitches out, above his eye, but still suffering a broken nose, broken hand and battered body, but that’s what it took, to beat Iowa MMA Star Ago Huskic. After a very long lay off, traveling some dark roads, Brody Jay battled his way back to the sport he loves, making his Pro debut after only training for 6 months at VTT with coaches Victor Moreno  (VFC contender, 2x current MCC Champion/undisputed WWFC Champion) and Miguel Rios​. Both fighters put on a Brutal display of fist to mouth, every single minute of this bout, in a fight, I found equally satisfying to“cookies n milk” before bed (my favorite). This fight had the crowd on the edge of their seats, as the action, violence, and skill were plenty, and constant, thru it’s entirety.

JAY​: “He’s (Huskic) a soldier with an IRON chin, and a heart of a LION”

FightBookMMA ​: (Speaking about a specific elbow during the fight to Huskics temple while against cage, late) Did you feel It when it landed?

JAY​: “As soon as I landed it, I felt a burn from my elbow to my finger tips, then it all went dumb”

FightBookMMA​: How long have you been training since your return to competition?

JAY​: I trained at VTT for 6 months, before this fight”

Never being to an Ascendacy Fighting Championship​ (Matt Rider​) before, I found my first AFC highly entertaining, with an entire card of skilled fighters, great action, few decisions, bad ass coaches all like Josh Neer (UFC,Bellator vet) in attendance to corner
His heavy weight, and Simpson, Victor Moreno, Miguel Rios, Bellator/AFC’s flyweight Champion Nate Williams to corner Jay, Bellator Vet Brian Green to corner his fighter, Huskic, coach Heller to corner his fighters Folkner, son Heller just to name a couple. Combined with a packed house, to me just made things feel more electric. I will not be missing a AFC in Des Moines area in future.That, I feel pretty good about.

JAY​: “Going into the fight I’d knock him out in the 2nd, just by overpowering him. (after the 2nd rd) At one point I was thinking ok, I’m probably not going to be able to put him away. So I thought well I need to out point him in the stand up, or I’m gonna have to take him down in the 3rd, and GNP him. Ya know when i took him down in my corner, my coaches were shouting to stay position to avoid a sweep, and where he can’t  submit  me. I just kept thinking if I just keep ground n pound’n him, dropping bombs on him, then I got this wrapped up, and that’s what I did”

At one point in the 3rd, jay had Huskic against the fence with his arm around Huskics neck in a sort of crank. Jay began to crank down hard, thats when I heard Huskic began to gurgle, and grunt, but no matter how huskic ended up, he constantly eventually found a way out, and back to his feet, which he did yet again. But At this point the choke appeared to take effect, Huskic now back to his feet, seems have justifiably, slowed a touch, nearing the end of the 3rd.

JAY​: “Starved of oxygen like that, it’s pretty hard to recover from”

Brody Jay wins a 27-30​ unanimous decison​, with both fighters earn Fight of the Night​ Honors. This one of those fights where both guys really won, because I know this performance by Huskic can only help his stock rise, even in defeat, because his performance was unbelievable whether it was a win or a loss. I want to see Huskic fight again just as badly as I do Jay, for example. The intensity these 2 guys put into this fight, was Championship caliber. . In the 3rd Jay hit Huskic so hard I felt blood and sweat mist my lips, but in all the excitement, I forgot about it till morning( lips).

Jay went on express his concern for Ago, and hoped Ago didn’t get discouraged, stating “because he can take a beating, that’s nothing anyone can take away from him and go along ways”(Jay). Based off my in person experience of this bout, I will say, it was one of the best, hardest hitting, well matched, back n forth battles, I’ve witnessed in person. During the course of this fight it gave me a feeling I was watching Godzilla vs Hulk. Seriously.

FightBookMMA​: You didn’t enter the cage look’n to interested or excited to be there. walk me through your thoughts, pre fight in the cage.

JAY​: “Well, I wasn’t really nervous. Ya, know I’ve had so many fights (25) it’s just another walk in the park. I know what I can do, defend myself, and inflict damage. After the fight was over I was just so exhausted, (in ref to his short/limted post fight interview) I just wanted to get out of the cage”

Jay wanted to specifically thank his coaches at VTT Victor Moreno/Miguel Rios for their help and always keeping mentally focused, and mentally sound, God, family , friends and teammates.

Jay expressed no direct plans on his future, at the time we spoke.

This story brought to you by Patton Eugene Photography-Creston, Iowa), and Iowa Beat Down.

Photo Credit: Lacie Lavin & Co Photography

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