WAKO USA Event at Roufusport MMA with Former UFC World Champion

Tim Zurk Mazurkiewicz, WAKO USA, and Roufusport MMA are proud to announce that they will be holding their first national tournament since Covid in Nashville Tennessee on February 26-28, 2021. This National Championship is a Team USA kickboxing qualifier, the winners advance to the World Championships in Moscow Russia, this November. All this couldn’t be possible without the man coordinating these events Mr. Rob Zbilski.

The World Championships will also be a qualifier for next year’s World Games also to be hosted in the United States for the second time in history. The World Games will be hosted in Birmingham Alabama, and will be shown on The Olympic Channel world wide.

We have gained the support of Roufusport MMA in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Coached and owned by Duke Rufus, assisted by former UFC World Champion Anthony Pettis. We have a scheduled event at Roufusport MMA (Gym) coming up April 10, 2021 for light contact kickboxing.

This event is open to juniors and adults. Please contact www.wakousa.org to sign up to fight. If anyone is interested in becoming a WAKO Official they can contact me directly at wakousaofficial@gmail.com


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