War Machine’s Mug Shot and Police Report

Mixed Martial arts fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver “War Machine”was arrested on Friday August 15th at the Extended Stay America Hotel in Semi Valley, California.Steaming after seven arrest warrants were issued after an alleged attack on girlfriend Christy Mack hospitalizing Mack with severe injuries and her friend Corey Thomas on August 8th:

-one count battery resulting in substantial bodily harm
– one county battery by strangulation
– two counts battery with substantial bodily harm
– one count open and gross lewdness
– one count assault with deadly weapon
– one count coercion/threat with force

A hotel guest who witnessed the arrest told KTLA that officers used a Taser on Koppenhaver.

“And they were like banging on the door, trying to get it open, and they’re like, ‘Open the door, open the door,” Nicole Blankenship said. “Finally when they got it open they yelled, ‘Gun,’ and then all of a sudden you see them shoot him with a Taser. And he got shot with a Taser and he went down to the floor, and then they handcuffed him.”

Once officers were inside the room, they discovered “a small quantity of cash and some pizza,” a police news release stated.

Hotel guest Mary Casamento said she called police to the hotel after seeing a “big dude” yelling at and pushing a petite woman who was trying to calm him down. He grabbed her by the hair, Casamento said.

Koppenhaver was transported to the Ventura County Jail and was awaiting removal to Las Vegas, the Marshals Service said.

Police have now released the full police report and mug shot of War Machine.
warmachine mug shot


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