Watch SlapFIGHT Championship: TITANS CLASH on Aug. 27

SlapFIGHT Championship premiers on FITE this Friday, August 27, 2021. With the first ever American Slap Fighting Pay-per-view, this event will be featuring the most anticipated matchup in the history of the sport. You can watch all the action in the video above starting at 8 p.m. ET.

In the main event, Undisputed SlapFIGHT Light Heavyweight Champion ‘Wolverine,’ faces Undisputed SlapFIGHT Heavyweight Champion ‘Darius the Destroyer’ for the Heavyweight Title.

In the co-main event, fight fans will see a Super Heavyweight Championship title bout as ‘Hardcore Hillbilly’ takes on ‘Solid Slug.’

The event will be featuring many of your favorite American Slap Fighters, including 5 of the top 10 ranked Pound-for-Pound Fighters by the World Slap Fighting Alliance.

SlapFIGHT Championship: TITANS CLASH Fight Card:

  • Main Event
    Heavyweight Championship
    ‘Wolverine’ vs ‘Darius the Destroyer’
  • Co-Main Event
    Super Heavyweight Championship
    ‘Hardcore Hillbilly’ vs ‘Solid Slug’
  • Heavyweight Feature Fight
    ‘the Crow’ vs ‘Frank the Tank’
  • Heavyweight Feature Fight
    ‘Young James’ vs ‘Coach Killa’
  • Heavyweight Feature Fight
    ‘Italian Massacre’ vs ‘Baby Ray’


  • Lightweight Feature Fight
    ‘the Guardian’ vs ‘Berzerk’D’
  • Superfan Showdown
    ‘Big Gulp’ vs ‘Bayou Bastard’


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