Health and fitness are so important. That means there are many ways you can help your gym grow. Here are a few tips on doing just that. 

Invest in Yourself

It may seem counterintuitive, if you’re struggling to find new members, but investing in new service and amenities may help you grow. Talk to current members and see what they feel is missing or could be improved. Then, work to improve in those areas. 

This is a long term solution, but will ultimately show your current members you care and give you ways to attract new members. Memberships tend to increase with word of mouth. This means keeping current members happy will help you bring in new members as well. 

As for what to improve, this may include everything from replacing equipment to investing in a better lockerroom. You could improve the barbells and the shower heads. A sauna or another high-end amenity could go a long way as well.

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Expand What You’re Offering

On the same note, you may also want to offer an expanded service in order to increase membership. As to what exactly, that depends on what your members want or what you see lacking. Ask your current members and take a look at what nearby gyms offer. 

Expanded services could mean offering other niche classes that supplement what you’re currently offering. For instance, a yoga class could be good for any type of gym, as it offers stretching and muscle flexibility. A gymnastics class might be a great benefit at a Crossfit gym, so members can learn the skills they need to improve at their sport. 

Improve Automation

In addition to improving services, it can be important to customers to have a more efficient experience. There’s so much technology available today. Use it to improve your customers’ experience. Customer service automation tools allow you to simplify the customer service process and remove bottlenecks that frustrate customers. 

As a part of technological improvements, you can also make improvements to your website. Expand your website to include online check-in, class times and coach information. Even consider starting a nutrition blog as a part of your offerings.

Add Mobile Offerings

It can also be important to offer some of these features in a mobile-friendly way too. If you don’t want to invest in a full-on app, at least make sure your site loads easily on a phone. In fact, so many users are likely to access sites on their phones that many site developers start with the mobile version and work backwards. 

No matter which way you build your mobile site, it’s important to have. You can offer features like advanced class registration and check-in. You can also offer a place for customers to access their account information and log their weights lifted or other personal records achieved

Offer a Sense of Community

Online presence is important, but a great way to encourage people to attend and stay at your gym is to foster a sense of community among clients. If people know each other and talk to each other, they’re likely to put down roots, get comfortable and stay. If visiting the gym feels like a highlight of the day, clients are also more likely to invite their friends, which means more customers for you. 

To foster a sense of community, plan events at the gym or outside the gym after a workout. These could be barbecues or happy hours. If one of your members competes in a local competition, encourage other members to go support them. Another idea, offer a discount for those who live nearby. People who live near the gym are more likely to frequent it. 

No matter what, just make sure you’re integrating yourself as a part of the community. This will go a long way. Members liking you and wanting to workout with you will persuade people to stay when they otherwise would move on to another gym.

From encouraging a sense of community to expanding what services you offer, there are many ways you can encourage growth in your gym.


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