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Mixed martial arts is something that takes a fighter years to master. It not only depends on how strong you are, but it requires certain techniques. Consistently practicing certain moves will help you become a master at them. Strength training can help you conquer moves easier when you can overpower your opponent. Here are some various training methods to help you determine how you can become a better fight in both technique and strength.


As an MMA fighter, you want to have enough energy to make it through an entire fight. You should be training to make it through all three or five rounds that you are scheduled for. Running in intervals or sprints is a great way to get your heart rate going up and down. This can help you control your heart rate and keep you calm in the octagon. When you are running, adding things like a weighted vest or doing obstacle courses can take your exercise to the next level.


Shadowboxing is a great method to use when training for striking. You’re able to get the feel of moving without getting hit back. Once you can do the movements without any issues, you can begin boxing. Things will be different as you start to feel some of the strikes coming back at you. Most fighters will use padding while practicing to prevent injury. You want to be able to get through your camp as healthy as possible.

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Wrestling has become a lost art in MMA. It’s not the most glorious action, but it can score you some points during a match. Controlling your opponent is important during a fight. This training method is good for your cardio, as well as gives you another technique to use during your fight. You don’t want to be a fighter without a diverse amount of moves to use.


A great way to get a full-body workout is by swimming. It’s a great way to work on your cardio too. Working out in the water causes there to be resistance with every move you make. Whether you are running, doing squats, or lifting, the water will make it harder for you to do. If you don’t have access to a pool, you could look into financing inground pool. A pool could really transform your workout regimen.


Lifting is one of the most popular ways to train for a fight. You can hit all the parts of your body while doing it. You can use machines or free weights to change up your routine. Your division will determine what you are trying to do. At smaller divisions, you may be looking for a lean and chisel cut type physique. This will require more repetitions at a lower weight. If you’re looking to bulk, higher weight at fewer reps will be how you want to train.


One of the best ways to learn how to get a submission in MMA is by practicing Jiu-Jitsu. You can learn multiple ways to defend and go on the offensive with this training. Those who work on this art often will work on all types of positions, such as being on top of the opponent and learning to work off your back. The more situational practicing you do the better prepared you will be in your fight.  


If you have the opportunity, doing elevation training can take your level of fitness to a whole new level. When you train in higher altitudes, there’s less oxygen in the air. This causes your lungs to grow stronger and will help you when you’re tired in the octagon. Many fighters make bad decisions when they’re fatigued, so this may be able to help you get the edge you need to win.

It takes a lot of training to become a skilled MMA fighter. Using some of these methods in your training could help your weaknesses turn into strengths.


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