What Is an Air Choke – Top Air Choke to Try In MMA

Mixed martial arts is a very complex combat game that consists of mixtures of different martial arts. Within MMA you will find various chokes and holds that you can utilize and acquire submission. With MMA you do not entirely have to rely on kicks and punches, you need much more than that. Chokes and holds are known to be the two most effective ways to get hold of your opponent and make him submit in the fastest way possible.

People who are already familiar with chokes and holds know that there are two main types of chokes. This includes air chokes and blood chokes. Although both chokes have their significance and people use both alternatively, it is still very important to know when to use and what the variations are.

With the help of this article, we will discuss different types of air chokes that you can use within MMA. We will also explain some of the main reasons for air chokes, the differences between blood chokes and what is an air choke.

What Is An Air Choke And How Is It Different?

Air choke helps in blocking the air passage that more specifically means tracheal choke. Apart from this, it blocks the airway, especially the larynx, trachea, and laryngopharynx. As a result, the opponent finds it hard to breathe and due to less supply of oxygen eventually stops retaliating this can even lead to loss of consciousness and the individual faints.

Apart from air choke, there is a blood choke process as well. Within blood chokes, the fighter tries to block the blood supply to the upper body, especially to the head and brain. With blood chokes, he needs to add pressure near carotid arteries and jugular veins as well. As a result, this can cause temporary blockage in the supply of blood which causes numbness, and eventually, the opponent will lose consciousness.

What Is The Best Air Choke To Try?

Within air chokes, you will have so many different techniques and types. Most people exert pressure right on the air passage through intense fist tightening. Others exert pressure through the wrist on the air track. Depending on the types, location, and technique, air chokes can be divided into different types. Some of the most common chokes include Rear Naked Choke, Straight Armbar, Sleeve Choke, Cross Collar Choke, etc.

So far the best type of choke includes bear killer. Within this choke, you will have to exert direct pressure from the back. You will have to stay at the back and then use your arm to tighten it around your opponent. Once round, you then have to yank him closer so that your main focus and pressure are on the windpipe. You will soon see that the opponent will find it hard to breathe and he will mainly struggle for air. As you see your opponent gasping, continue with the same pressure and soon he will faint.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to your preference and skillset. People like to use both air chokes and blood chokes. However, if you are not well trained you might end up yanking their neck too hard or exerting too much pressure at the wrong spot. This can eventually impact the overall fight and might even result in your disqualification. The best way you can handle this issue is to focus on the overall skill set and master the technique before you think of using it in the fight. You need to be fast and also you need to know when you can use the choke to acquire desired results. Too much or too little pressure can cause serious damage.


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