What is next for Colby Covington

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Sequel to his victorious win against Jorge Masvidal, news about Colby “Chaos” Covington’s next fights could remain silent for a while. On the other hand, as soon as he is set to step into the ring again, there is a scope of noteworthy opponents for the most divisive fighter in the UFC’s welterweight section. Let’s look at why Covington has set the gold standard in UFC fighting, his recent battles, and what the future holds.

What makes Covington a favorite?

An amazingly talented Covington is one of the most interesting and controversial fighters in the entire sport. It can be hard to argue that his talent as a renowned welterweight can’t be overlooked, as Covington carries on to place his case for acceptance as a hard-hitting-warrior.

Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal 

The showdown between Covington and Masvidal at UFC 272 was one of the most long-awaited fights of this year. UFC aficionados have viewed matchups with a major dislike before. Regardless, this fight was a one-on-one clash between two men who were very close friends, teammates, and even roommates at one stage. It was a major grudge match that was so awaited, it was given the rare occasion of being a non-title pay-per-view major fight.

Even though Masvidal is a combatant to be reckoned with, he was seen as the underdog in this case. The clash played out as many oddsmakers had thought. Covington implemented his astounding cardio and merciless wrestling technique to strike down the ferocious striker, control him, and have him locked in submissiveness for most of the five-round encounter.

As a result, Masvidal had lost three fights in a row and may be subjected to never earning another UFC championship opportunity. Covington on the other hand remains at the top-shelf as a welterweight champion and received for being a fighter worthy of a spot in the blow-for-blow ranks.

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Despite this, the future seems a little vague for both combatants. Masvidal has been a highly paid tooth and nail fighter in the promotion, however, he will be required to take a step down from the rest of the competition. Covington has earned himself a seat as a top-ranked fighter, but the majority of the most elite welterweight fighters are set to compete in other fights in the coming months.

Who is Colby Covington likely to fight next ?

Covington’s position as the best 170-pound fighter on earth has been cemented. With that being said, one has to take into account that since he has been defeated twice by the current UFC welterweight king Kamaru Usman, it does pose a challenge to matchmaking for him. For this reason, fights against the likes of Dustin Poirier as suggested in this Thai news article, Stephen Thompson, or middleweight champion Israel Adesanya make for sensible opponents.

Dustin Poirier 

The rivalry between Covington and Poirier has been slowly boiling in the past few months. The two former American Top Team teammates have come to grind the ax against one another. While Poirier paving the way to his way to a shot as welterweight champion, this would be a great fight for Covington. This rings especially true after his winning and enraged matchup against Masvidal.

Stephen Thompson

All of the top-class UFC fighters in the division are booked or are expecting matchups in the not-so-distant future. Thompson has been viewed as the only fighter who is nearing the pinnacle point toward this weight class with the name value and challenging style that would make a fight worthwhile for Covington.

Israel Adesanya

Seeing that Covington is closing in on title contention, super fights around the division could be a reality for him. A fight with the middleweight king would most likely see Covington’s fans routing for his all-round cardio and wrestling capabilities as a threat to Adesanya.


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