What is the Craic? MMA Podcast

What is the Craic? is an MMA podcast hosted by Phil Moore and Sam Vickery. Together they aim to bring you their unique take on fights, breakdowns and the latest news in the world of MMA. Neither claim to be an expert, but both love shooting the breeze over anything MMA related.

Follow the hosts on social media: Sam Vickery @mmabigfella and Phil Moore @PhilDRE_ You can also listen to them on Apple podcast on Spotify and on YouTube.

You can listen to their latest show here:

Sitting Ringside

Welcome to FightBook MMA Presents: Sitting Ringside. We're not your cookie cutter show but what we do bring is news and topics from all aspects of the fighting game. The show is hosted by CEO of FightBook MMA Roberto Villa, Arlow Jumper, and David Rodriguez.

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