Who is Jaxx Liberty Cryptocurrency Wallet

Jaxx Liberty Wallet is designed for cryptocurrency users who value privacy and security when exchanging cryptocurrencies.

How safe is Jaxx Liberty?

Let’s look at how simple their interface and their setup are and how to manage many different cryptocurrencies. First off, the setup for your wallet only takes minutes and it only requires users to save their 12-word security phrase. Jaxx Liberty also creates a new wallet address after receiving cryptocurrency which gives all users more protection for their user identity. 

Jaxx Liberty also secures customer service channels within its application. The entire customer service team handles all requests throughout the in-app ticketing system and e-mail. This helps reduce the chances of getting scammed, which is something we all can appreciate. 

The company Incorporates Simplex and Changelly which allows users to add cryptocurrency directly into their wallet, and exchange it at any time for another coin. This helps partner integrations to help purchase and exchange cryptocurrencies throughout the entire system.

Jaxx Liberty is designed for simplicity across platforms. With that being said, other wallets support hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens across multiple blockchains. Now, you might be asking, where is the wallet app available? They made it easy for all customers, you can find them on computers running Windows, Apple MacOS, or Linux as a Chrome-based browser extension, and on Android and Apple smartphones.

As mentioned, new Jaxx Liberty users can create a Jaxx Liberty wallet on any device. They can also migrate it to any other platform running the software using their 12-word backup phrase or QR code. Why? This allows users to manage their cryptocurrency assets at any time. Once you have created a wallet, you can now buy, store, or transfer over 80 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Users can store their non-fungible tokens in the wallet, but can not directly manage them through Jaxx Liberty.

How do I recover my Blockchain wallet?

Like most crypto wallets, Jaxx Liberty doesn’t store any customer information, and the developers also don’t have access to wallets or balance information. Remember, as mentioned earlier, wallets are secured by a 12-word secret phrase that was generated during your initial setup. Once a wallet is set up on a device, the only way for you to bring it over to another device is with your secret phrase or QR code. This feature gives users complete control over their wallets.

To recap, the Jaxx Liberty wallet is available across multiple platforms:

  1. Windows, Mac OS with Apple silicon chip, and Linux-based computers
  2. Google Chrome extension
  3. Mobile apps for both iOS and Android smartphones

Customer service is key when it comes to business, and Jaxx Liberty knows all about this. Jaxx Liberty customer service is available within the wallet apps which reduces users getting scammed. Press the “Help” button at the top-right of the screen to open the help bot. The bot will offer users answers to frequently asked questions and will refer them to submit a ticket. All issues are resolved via the ticket system via email. A locally installed wallet allows you to back up your encrypted wallet file and as long as you keep a record of your password and have access to the encrypted file, you can decrypt it and access your coins. Jaxx Liberty Wallet is a great option for users who want to store their cryptocurrency securely.

Now that you have some knowledge of Jaxx Wallet, you can head out to their website and get started by going here.

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