Why Are MMA Fighters Using CBD?

The hype around CBD continues to intensify with industries coming up with CBD infused merchandise. Currently, cannabidiol is a household name and among the few natural compounds that have won the hearts of many. This includes pro athletes, models, wrestlers, football players, and above all, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters. Researchers, on the other hand, are working around the clock to unlock the other hidden pros of CBD.

After becoming more prominent in the beauty industry, CBD is now breaking into the world of mixed martial arts. What’s even more exciting is that MMA fighters seem to be welcoming it with open arms than otherwise anticipated. For instance, one of the renowned and professional mixed martial artists  Nate Diaz openly smokes weed from time to time. Such a scene would spark controversies in the past, but since WADA’s CBD approval of accepting Cannabidiol, no one seemed to question his public display. That leaves you wondering, why are MMA fighters into CBD?

Seemingly, CBD seems to be giving MMA fighters more than just a clear mind needed for optimal performance in the cage. That is why the number of fighters taking the product continues to grow exponentially. Below are details explaining why CBD is attracting the attention of cage fighters.

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CBD may Help with Pain

Mixed martial arts fighting is a tough combat sport. It involves full contact, and most times, you will see opponents leaving the cage with serious contusions. Such a sight displays the pain participants undergo daily during competitions and training. It implies that to survive the lifestyle, you need to have perseverance. You also need the right medication that will help ease muscle pain and provide relief to cope. Over the years, cage fighters have been using a variety of over-the-counter pain medication.

The problem with those options is they don’t seem to be giving fighters the absolute relief they crave. That is why most of them are adding CBD into the mix. For muscle soreness, MMA fighters are using CBD cream for pain while others are opting for tinctures. That’s because the product works suitably with their systems to deliver the exact feeling they seek. Those using stronger strains get relief after a brief period. The strength makes the compound act fast, thus obscuring the pain. You can read more at herbonaut to know about it’s better results.

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CBD may Speed up Training Recovery

Mixed martial arts requires you to understand three basics, including knowing how to kick, punch, and block. There are also plenty of techniques that you need to learn to become the best. Apart from knowing those three aspects, fighters have to maintain a certain amount of weight to remain in a certain fighting category. That is why pro fighters spend a considerable amount of their time training and preparing both physically and mentally. Some of the training they undertake to remain agile include core training, plyometrics, and endurance training, among others.

Due to the rigorous training, fighters tend to bruise their muscles and damage their ligaments. As soon as that happens, it becomes problematic to maintain the thorough training required. That is why you will see them use CBD, which can assist them in recovering quickly, irrespective of the damage the training may cause in their bodies. As a result, they can keep up with their practicing schedule without the fear of a prolonged training interruption.

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CBD may Boost Energy

The daily routine of MMA fighters is far from that of a basic human being. These people tune their bodies to withstand high impact and become swift so that they can deliver outstanding performance in the cage. Their general lifestyle, therefore, requires their body to yield energy. There then comes the time when the cells become fatigued, and that can lead to slow energy production. Given the life of a cage fighter doesn’t have room for reduced energy production, they tend to turn to CBD. To their expectation, CBD activates their bodies by speeding up metabolism.

This prompts their bodies to produce more glucose, which undergoes synthesis that results in energy upsurge. With at least 35 mg of CBD two times every day, their bodies can synthesize enough energy to accommodate their busy schedules. They also get to have energy reserves, and that makes them more powerful. Fighters who have been using CBD  may need to take an increased dose of up to 60 mg. Yet, this depends on their body’s reception to the compound.

CBD Potentially Helps Fighters Treat Stress

Apart from having the aptitude to deliver powerful punches and mighty kicks, cage fighters need to be stress-free to maintain composure and display a great show. In most cases, stress results due to back to back training sessions, coupled with the need to perform better and wow their fans. Those fighters who don’t have anyone to help them cope with stress can easily have their careers backfire. Most fighters are using CBD in its various forms to prevent the impending premature ending of their MMA careers. That is by taking at least 25 mg of the compound 7 days a week.

The compound, whether in the form of capsules, gummies, or tinctures, travels in their bodies until it reaches the endocannabinoid system. That leads to the dispensing of directives through the receptors notifying the brain to balance serotonin, a monoamine neurotransmitter. Serotonin, which at the time of the high, lowers and balances to help cure stress in mixed martial artists. The process seems longer, but it only takes the extract a few minutes to initialize and complete each of the steps above.

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CBD may Protect the Brain from Impending Danger

How many times have you seen an MMA fighter hit the ground hard with their head? The answer is, of course, plenty of times. They also tend to take blows repeatedly to their heads and is why most of them end up blacking out. Well, no matter how good a fighter is, it’s going to be hard for him or her to block all the oncoming blows. It means their brain is always in danger. That being definite, most MMA fighters are minimizing the risk of ending up with traumatic brain injury by making CBD their close companion.

What happens is that CBD for neuroprotective curbs the damage of the brain by helping in the regeneration of the protective sheath that protects the organ. It is also a certified natural anti-inflammatory product and, therefore, may assist in the healing of inflammations that may arise from constant headshots. That is how the phytocannabinoid ends up facilitating the protection of MMA fighters’ brains. Fighters should consider the application of the phytocannabinoid twice a day in doses of a minimum of 20 mg, depending on the potency. That is a significant use and is undoubtedly crucial.

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CBD may help with Sleeplessness

One thing that most MMA fighters need to maintain peak performance throughout the season is adequate sleep. Long undistracted siestas are fundamental since the body uses the time to patch-up torn muscle and heal any damage endured during training. Moreover, adequate slumber brings about mental clarity, refreshes the body, and ensures total alertness. After quality sleep, it becomes easy for them to keep up with their demanding rosters of training, competing, and keeping up appearances to grow their fan base. Poor sleep, on the other hand, is detrimental to their health. The body tends to lack adequate time to repair.

However, with everything they go through, most fighters require a boost for them to be able to slumber without disruptions. This is the reason why many of them are sticking to cannabidiol. The phytocannabinoid proves effective for those fighters with sleep difficulties. What it does is aid the body in ensuring the equilibrium of serotonin neurotransmitters. The chemical is purposely available in the system to help in controlling the sleep cycle. Once it stabilizes, cage fighters can be able to enjoy extended slumber, which is critical for their performance.

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With the ongoing CBD awareness, most MMA fighters are becoming knowledgeable about the phytocannabinoid, which makes them introduce the extract to their daily lives. Some like Bas Rutten once encountered the dark side of opioids. So, fighters are now at the forefront advocating the use of the phytocannabinoids. The combination of CBD digital awareness and testimonies from fighters who are currently using the compound for peak performance will see CBD use skyrocket. Fighters are also learning the best ways to determine dosages and the best methods of administration. At the moment, many mixed martial artists are either using, testing, or planning to start taking CBD to enhance their quality of life.


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