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Why do we ️hate Ronda Rousey so much?

Friday November 20, 2015— The defeat of UFC 135 champ Ronda Rousey has opened the doors for an out pouring of ️hate. Memes of her, posts all over social media declaring how happy people are to see the demise of an era. The explanations range from she’s to cocky, to she’s disrespectful, she’s a hypocrite, she’s fake. I am left to ask why?

When it comes to combat sports talking trash comes with the territory. From Ali showing up at opponents homes to scream in the middle of the night to Mike Tyson exclaiming sexual taunts to his opponents at media events. Then there’s Anderson Silva, Rashad Evans taunting their opponents in the octagon. Chael Sonnen most known for his banter on social media as well as the Diaz brothers. Nick most recently laying down in the octagon when fighting legendary Silva in his first fight back after a brutal leg break. Nate after his team-mate fought telling Eddie Alverez ” come fight a real fighter”. Which not only disrespected his team-mate but anyone else Alverez had stood across from in the cage. Let’s not forget Jones calling someone a ️Pussy live on the air. So please explain where Ronda is being so uniquely disrespectful?

Shes cocky? Muhammad Ali is most famously quoted as saying:

“I’m the greatest I said that even before I knew I was” “if you even dream of beating me, you better wake up and apologize”

Every fighter before a bout says they are coming for the belt or they are keeping it because they are the best around. How is Ronda saying it any different?

Let’s look at some examples most often given about why she deserves the backlash. “Don’t cry” Bethe was saying this to Ronda at weigh ins yet she repeats it and she’s in the wrong? She didn’t shake Miesha’s hand. The feud between these women go back to Strikeforce beginning with Tate saying Ronda didn’t deserve the title shot she wasn’t on Tate’s level. Dare I mention when Tate used Zingano’s face to push herself up after a round in their fight? Was that good sportsmanship? We have legit examples of poor sportsmanship with Palhares multiple offenses inside the cage. The Diaz boys scuffle at WSOF with Khabib comes to mind as well as Jones ️vs Dc which landed them in very hot water ahead of their title fight. Yet all these antics garnered a small debate and died off.

Meanwhile Ronda has never had a dirty test, never had trouble with the law (while a UFC champ) and never landed in front of any athletic commission. If we are basing our hatred of her comments post fight or pre fight than we have become a world where not only can sticks n stones break our bones but words will consistently hurt us.

You can sit around and bash her for constantly being in the media however they are the ones typing articles, updating constantly not her. This website for instance has not posted any ridiculous Ronda updates ever. The truth is, the world needs villains. Whether they are deserving of it or not, people crave someone to ️hate. One could argue men get away with this “cocky” behavior more easily than women do. But that is a different topic for a different day.

The truth remains without the “IT” factor that drew Dana’s attention to her fights, women would still be waiting to step inside a UFC octagon and battle it out for gold. You have every right to not like her, as she has every right not to like certain people. However you cannot deny the revenue she brings in, the paychecks being signed for women inside the UFC and the attention she has brought to not only UFC, but to MMA. While others came before her, she did it bigger. In gyms around the world there are little girls aspiring to make it to the main stage, partly due to Ronda and the other fantastic women who were granted membership to the few who can say “I fight for the UFC”.

At the end of the day if you’re wishing harm to a fighter I suggest you step away from the keyboard, march into any gym and ask to spar or grapple. Anyone who steps in the cage deserves respect. Let’s try to not be hypocrites disrespecting someone for being disrespectful.

By: Korey Lane

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