Why I think Chris Weidman will win

Wednesday  December 9, 2015– Why do I think Chris Weidman will win?

“His Ego.”

At the press conference, Chris Weidman was asked to point to Luke’s main weakness. Weidman said that it was Luke’s ego that he would be “coming for.”

While both of them have kept their words to each other civil, I’ve seen Luke using a lot more foul language, and disparaging remarks aimed at Weidman’s skills. Maybe it’s just clever editing by the UFC, but Weidman has not engaged in much trash talk. It almost seems like he is already celebrating his win.

Maybe he compared their records.

Jacare had no hands when he fought Luke. Machida was on a clear decline when they met. The only person on Luke’s record that has touched a belt is Vitor. And Vitor beat him. (Machida doesn’t count because it was at 205, and it was many eras ago).

I think Weidman is calmer because he has more belief. And it’s the kind that doesn’t need validation. Luke is chasing after an image of himself. He wants to believe that he’s as tough as his talk. If the fight starts going sideways on him, he will panic. The fear of not living up to his words will cloud his focus.

I think Weidman’s instincts are better. I think his observation and his reactions are better. Just look at his timing in his fight with Munoz, and the second fight with Anderson. Luke’s style looks fancier, but it almost looks like he’s counting out the combos in his head as he throws them.

Some people say Chris’s style is a little sloppy. And maybe it is, but there is one characteristic of his movements that I think is important to notice. He moves like he is just reacting. Even when he is pressing the action, he’s just reacting. Case in point, the first Anderson fight. Back in the day, most people would back away when Anderson started dipping and dodging, because that’s when he would hit you clean, (Forrest Griffin). I don’t know what Weidman was thinking in that moment. Maybe “kill kill kill”, I don’t know. But that natural predator side of his personality is what Rockhold lacks, I think.

I think Luke’s mind will be the first thing to break.

By: Mozz Manzoor



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