Why Is BJJ Considered As the Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a combat art that was inspired by traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu. Within BJJ you will use chokes and holds and other grappling styles to acquire submission from your opponent. Unlike other styles of martial arts where you either have very limited use of limbs or you need to use just your upper body, BJJ is a full-body martial art style. As mixed martial has so many other styles, BJJ works as the foundation. Even if we look at some of the best combat-based players and fighters in the professional MMA industry right now. The majority has their main lead in BJJ with other styles of combats as well.

BJJ is a complete lifestyle where you have to be much disciplined and stay consistent with the progress. Overall workout of Academy Jiu-Jitsu and its training sessions are extremely hefty and you need a lot of work. Since martial arts has its core in discipline and it encourages progress and learning, you will see people mixing BJJ and other types of workouts along. Apart from this, BJJ works as the foundation of other MMA workouts and combat games as well.

With the help of this article, we will highlight why BJJ is known to be the perfect form of MMA and why people choose BJJ over other styles.

Top 7 Reasons BJJ Is the Ultimate Form of MMA

Mixed martial arts is not just a combat game it is a lifestyle that includes, the life choices that we have. It includes discipline along with acquiring full control over the body and improving the movement of the body and range of muscles.

Some of the main reasons BJJ is known to be the ultimate form of MMA include:

  • BJJ uses all the basic principles of MMA and helps the fighter to use it in real life
  • BJJ works as the second line of defense and offers a much better method to handle attackers. One of the main things that distinguish it from the rest is the idea that the whole body can be used for defense.
  • BJJ empowers people who feel defenseless. Most of the other combat games try to favor only the strongest and bigger. On the contrary, BJJ is perfect for women, kids, and weaker people offering them a technique that can be used for best defense.
  • Martial arts help in improving your mental ability by offering your mind enough oxygen that it stays alert and nourishes. It is ideal for mental health conditions especially for people who are depressed, anxious, or have anger issues.
  • BJJ is a good workout that allows you to focus on your breathing and it also helps your body in improving overall workout.
  • BJJ can be used in real life as well. Most combat exercises and games have very strict rules that allow the fighters to practice while staying in limited contact. As a result, when they have to defend themselves in public against an attacker, they fail badly.
  • BJJ improves empathy, helping people to know when to; lead and when to let go. It helps people to know about the cost of pain so the fighter doesn’t end up abusing his power.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the core values. Since MMA and BJJ share core values, you will see a lot in sync. Apart from this, BJJ has minimum body limitations, and it is still considered an evolving field. Most other combat games are considered fully developed and they have a set of rules. However, to become the best BJJ fighter you need to have a grip over your body and you also need to know about all the evolving techniques. BJJ revolves around the overall core principles of MMA as well.

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