Why is wrestling important to M.M.A.


Saturday May 30, 2015– I was recently thinking of a fighter I once met who although being a great boxer he showed little to no interest in wrestling, yet planned to compete in MMA.

Although Martial artist’s differ in their opinion of which style is most crucial to a fight, many consider Wrestling to be the number-one must have in M.M.A.


Every single Culture in history has practiced Wrestling in some shape or form. Some carry different rules but they all share one common tactic, knock your opponent to the ground and get on top.

Some styles rule that your opponents back must hit the ground, others say any limb excluding the leg’s must be pinned to the ground and some allow no leg-hold’s.

Standing submission’s can be hard to gain, where as ground based submission’s are commonly executed, so most wrestlers will throw from standing to submit on the ground . All styles of Wrestling teach position before submission and the same applies to M.M.A, where one well executed submission can be the difference between a win, draw or loss.


During the Anglo-Saxon period, wrestling was seen as such an important part of combat that they had stories of great hero’s and warriors who excelled in the art. Most famous of which would be Beowulf, who slayed a monster named Grendel and defeated him by tearing of his arm with a armlock. During a battle with Grendels Mother, Beowulf uses technique such as Turtling to protect himself from attack, using his armour and escapes being pinned-down to get to his weapon and kill his opponent by beheading.

They also talk of warriors being Knocked from horse but conditioning from wrestling being the reason they stand up quickly suffering little or no injury and killing opponent’s as they struggle due to winding.

History lessons in the art are the reason chinese emperor’s selected there bodyguard’s from the winner’s of wrestling competition’s.

To be a success in M.M.A you simply cant neglect wrestling and this is why most fighters do consider it their bread and butter during a bout.

By: Ben Hess AM.M.A

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