Wight Cuts for Fighting

One of the most physical, grueling parts of fighting is getting down to the right weight limit for your fight. Many times, if you don’t meet the weight you could be forced to forfeit the pay, prizes, and even the fight itself. You have to be careful when working to be a certain size, as you want to do it healthily and still keep up your energy. Here are some thoughts for doing a proper weight cut.

Target It 

You need to have a target weight and set dates of weigh-ins. This will help you determine how early you need to start the process of losing. Depending on how drastic the cut is, you’ll have to take out a lot of your typical foods and daily living. It’ll be hard to do, but it’s necessary if you want to fight.

Watch Intake

You need to watch what you are taking in. This doesn’t mean just calories, but other things like fats, sugar, carbs, and proteins all have to be watched as well. These can add up quickly, and you may not be able to afford such an added amount of weight.

Make Meal Plans

You need to get on the right meal plan. Lean meats and vegetables are good for you, allowing you to get the nutrition you need without the added weight. Many fruits and vegetables are basically water. These are good to fill yourself with because you can shed that weight easily.

Do Meal Preps

Another way to watch what you’re eating is by preparing it ahead of time. You can keep track of things a lot easier when you already know what you’re having. If you are losing too much or not losing enough, you can change the portions of your meals.

Time Meals 

You need to watch the time in between each meal. Your body will digest things differently, and you may find yourself hungrier when you eat a certain food compared to another. You need to think about adjusting your meals if you are feeling low on energy. You should also be aware of your training times, as you don’t want to be malnourished for them.

Take Supplements

One way to eliminate heavy foods is by replacing them with supplements. You can find ones that have all the vitamins and things your body needs without the excessive amounts of calories and carbohydrates. Gundry MD has multiple products you could look into taking. You may find your body needs these supplements if you are having trouble functioning properly.

Stay Hydrated

Your hydration is very important for your weight cut. Water can be lost very easily, so it’s something you should be aware of. Your body is mostly made up of this fluid and getting dehydrated will do you more harm than good. It can set you back a few days because of the amount of energy it can take out of you. Many people’s bodies also need electrolytes and vitamins that are in some fluids. Remember when you’re training that you’ll need to drink more than normal, affecting your end weight.

Consider Fasting

If you are struggling to find ways to lose those last few pounds, you may have to cut a majority of solid foods from your diet. Some fighters have gone to eating ice and finding strange ways to cut that last little bit of weight before weighing in. Once it’s over you’ll be able to eat to gain and get your favored weight back.

You should understand your body as you prepare for and execute a weight cut. It can be dangerous to do too much at one time, so make sure you have help and proper consultation before doing it.

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