WMMAA Pan-American Championship Oct. 7-9 in Santiago, Chile

History making

WMMAA Pan-American Championship

Oct. 7-9 in Santiago, Chile

MONTE CARLO, Monaco (August 18, 2016)– History will be made October 7-9 when Chile hosts the inaugural World Mixed Martial Arts Association (WMMAA) Pan-American Championship – CHILE 2016 — in Santiago.

Initiative on MMA as a sport will build on the well-earned reputation of previous martial arts history in terms of addressing, sharing and discussing significant developments and social advancements that will impact the future of MMA.

CHILE 2006 attendees will have an opportunity to receive unique and powerful insights into the new era of MMA.

The WMMAA Pan-American Division is known for its broad, multi-disciplinary approach and stellar lineup “The primary goal of CHILE 2016 is to make a social impact, creating awareness around the powerful influence of martial arts among youths,,” said Tomas Yu, President of the WMMAA Pan-American Division, “as well as to provide a healthy platform for sport, tourism and economic development as a united front. Its collegiate environment promises to foster debate, discussion and collaboration.”

Chile 2016 will be a lifetime experience for all with special guests as Chile President Michelle Bachelete and WMMAA honorary president Fedor Emilianenko, arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all-time.

Local Organizing Committee Chairman Alberto Maturana and his committee members look forward to welcoming everyone to Santiago to experience history in the making for the sport of MMA. Together with the WMMAA Pan-American Executive Board, they are working tirelessly to bring this important event to Santiago for the continental athletes, promoters, coaches, businesses, and tourism. The honorary panel of individuals who are making the inaugural WMMAA Pan-American Championship – CHILE 2016 a reality include the following:

  • WMMAA Pan-American President – Tomas Yu
  • WMMAA Chile President – Alberto Maturana
  • Collaboration and Advocacy – Eric Castaños
  • National Press – Yenifer Marquez
  • International Press – Edgar Campos
  • EXPO MMA – Jose Antonio Urrutia
  • International Multi-Media – Carlos Fourzan
  • National Executive Production – Felipe Concha
  • Publicist – Bob Trieger
  • Organization Membership – Christian Parra
  • Officials Certification & Accreditation – Hector Molina
  • Medical – Dr. Justo Pavia
  • Health Training and Education – Curt Chavez
  • Special Interest Group – Susan Murphy
  • Ring Girl Latina – Pablo Cortes
  • Combat Sports Administration Masters Degree – Ivan Hinojosa
  • Diseño – Pedro Cabrera



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