Women’s Strawweigh Better Than Bantamweight?

Monday June 22, 2015– With the addition of the Women’s Strawweight division in the UFC we have seen a new group of female fighters take center stage; the latest of which is the current division champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk. For the first time in UFC history there was a title fight in Berlin, Germany as Jedrzejczyk defended her title against former Invicta Champion Jessica Penne. At the weigh-ins for the UFC Fight Night event Jedrzejczyk said the main event would be a war and she delivered. Joanna Jedrzejczyk won the title fight with conviction and sent a clear message to any would be contender that no one would be taking the belt away from her anytime soon.

The other female champion with the similar ability to make it look easy is the one and only Ronda Rousey. The difference between the two fights the Strawweight champion has had, and any title defense by Rousey, is that Joanna goes to war in the octagon. She made it look easy against Carla Esparza to win the title and left Jessica Penne a bloody mess before the referee stopped the fight. With both performances she put on a great show and left MMA fans wanting more.

The same can not be said about Ronda Rousey. She has only gone beyond the 1st round once and usually finishes in the first minute of the first round; this does not make for much of a war. The last time she had an exciting fight was against Miesha Tate, though many would argue that it was Tate who made that fight exciting by taking the champ into deeper waters. Rousey’s last title defense lasted a mere 14 seconds leaving PPV buyer’s feeling a bit ripped off. Rousey has been called a pioneer for women’s MMA but with quick and seemingly easy finishes, MMA fans are not intrigued by a Women’s Bantamweight main event.

This is not however Rousey’s fault. Her job is to go in and defeat her opponent. The fact that she does it quickly and with ease speaks volumes of her abilities. But if Dana White and the UFC want female fighters to draw in a crowd, the champion of the division needs to take on tougher challenges. The best fighters in the world compete in the UFC, and it is the job of the UFC to find great fighters that will challenge Rousey or Jedrzejczyk and make women’s MMA interesting.

Rousey’s next match will take place in Brazil where she’ll take on #7 ranked Bethe Correia. It will be the first time she defend her title outside of the Untied States. It has become a personal fight for the undefeated champion. Correia has defeated Rousey’s teammates and gloated about it ever since. Rousey has promised to take her time and punish Correia which could make it an interesting fight. But if Rousey is able to punish her next challenger by taking her time, why did she rush through her pervious opponents instead of entertaining millions of MMA fans?

By: Alex Barrientos (MMA_Fan)

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