World’s Strongest Man Tom Stoltman Describes Living With Autism And His Incredible Journey To The Top

London – Tom Stoltman, the recent winner of the 2021 World’s Strongest Man competition, has candidly opened up on his life living with autism – a condition which in his darkest hour left him suicidal, but how his diagnosis has given him the drive, determination, and an impenetrable mindset to become the best in the world.

The 27-year-old, from Invergordon, Scotland, was diagnosed with the psychological condition at the age of five years old and has faced significant adversity throughout his life and Strongman career. But after finishing fifth in the 2019 edition of the World’s Strongest Man and second in the 2020 competition, Stoltman overcame all odds to be finally crowned champion of the coveted weightlifting contest in 2021.

With the accolade to his name, the Scot has detailed his incredible journey from his early autism diagnosis to the top of his game in a raw documentary with energy drink partner Reign Total Body Fuel.

The film explores Tom’s diagnosis, how turning to the gym helped provide structure to his life as well as how losing his mother to cancer inspired him to reach the top of his sport. 

“I had a very difficult childhood growing up with autism,” said Tom. “I was bullied at school and a lot of people around me didn’t understand the condition. It wasn’t until my brother Luke got me into the gym that everything just clicked. The gym saved my life – as a kid, there were times I couldn’t even face going outside.  It was weightlifting that helped give me focus and confidence.”

“Living with autism has never stopped me from reaching my goals and pushing my boundaries – it’s only fuelled my ambition to do the impossible. I hope this serves as inspiration to others that dreams can be realised with hard work, grit and determination.”

The documentary is one feature of a three-part series by Reign Total Body Fuel as part of their #ReadyToReign campaign – a series that focuses on the inspirational stories of top-class athletes from unlikely backgrounds. #ReadytoReign is a mindset and sets out to show that anything is possible – embodying Reign’s brand ethos of pushing harder, driving yourself further and never letting up until you reach your goal. 

The Tom Stoltman documentary is available to view here.


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