WSOF 18: Marlon Moraes vs Josh Hill Recap, Video Hightlights And Results

By: Pat Griffin
Friday, February 13, 2015– WSOF 18 has come and gone but did not go without a few surprises. WSOF 18 was at the Edmonton Expo Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and broadcasted live on NBCSN. Photographs by Rhianna Carlson will be available soon.
Starting the event was Marcus Hicks vs Graham Park. Park did not come out touching gloves, but instead put Hicks against the cage and raining punches on his opponent. But after a brief mistake on the ground, Hicks manages to take Park’s back and lock in a rear naked choke for the win. Not bad for an undercard starter fight.
The next undercard fight between Matt Baker vs Ali Mokdad, did not last long. After the bell sounded, both fighters came together and the top of Baker’s head hits Mokdad’s chin. This drops Mokdad to the mat with Baker slamming a few shots in before referee Kyle Cardinal stepped in to end the fight, which ended as a no contest due to unintentional head butt.
The main card however, produced some different results. Ex TUF veteran Cody McKenzie met with local Edmonton fighter Andrew McInnes. McInnes start the fight by opening up with a flurry of punches to McKenzie against the cage. McKenzie was able to secure a guillotine, but Mcinnes was able to roll out of it. But just before the bell sounded, McKenzie head butts McInnes from the top position, apparently in reaction to McInnes pulling his hair earlier on. Referee Kyle Cardinal waves of the fight, and McInnes takes the win via disqualification.
There were some impressive TKO finishes from Hakeem Dawodu defeating Tristan Johnson, as well as Shane Campbell finishing Derek Boyle. Both fights ended in the third round.
The main event title fight between Josh Hill and Marlon Moraes was a 5 round battle to the end. Moraes ended suffering what seemed like a broken nose in the first round causing him to wipe his nose continuously throughout the rest of the rounds. But Moraes was able to hold his ground throughout the rest of the rounds and continued to press forward for the remaining rounds. In the 5th round, Hill catches a kick and sweeps Moraes, but then gets taken down and grounded by the champion.  After scuffling and regaining his composure, Hill was able to land a few albows that seemed effective, but not enough. Marlon Moraes defeats Josh Hill via unanimous decision.
The last of the undercard fights had some impressive finishes as well. Mark Drummond vs Spencer Jebb produced a back and forth stand up scrap, but with Drummond eating quite a few power shots from Jebb. But in a suprising turnaround, Drummond comes out of nowhere with a knee to the chin and drops Jebb to the mat winning the match via TKO in the 3rd round.
Garret Nybakken vs Dan Lariviere was the final fight of the night. After rushing each other, and violently trying to knock each other out, Lariviere was about to take his opponents back and lock in a rear naked choke and earns the tap. Check out the video highlights below and the full fight card results.

 WSOF 18 video: Champ Marlon Moraes vs Josh Hill
WSOF 18 video: Shane Campbell vs Derek Boyle
WSOF 18 video: Cody McKenzie vs Andrew McInnes
WSOF 18 video: Hakeem Dawodu vs Tristan Johnson
(Videos Courtesy of NBCSN)
Full fight results:
Matt Baker vs. Ali Mokdad ruled a no contest due to accidental headbutt  in R1
Marcus Hicks def. Graham Park via rear-naked choke at 2:28 of R1
Main card
Marlon Moraes def. Josh Hill via unanimous decision
Shane Campbell def. Derek Boyle via TKO round 3
Andrew McInnes def. Cody McKenzie via disqualification (Head butt)
Hakeem Dawodu def. Tristan Johnson via TKO round 3
Post Undercard
Mark Drummond def. Spencer Jebb via KO round 3
Dan Lariviere def. Garret Nybakken via rear-naked choke round 1

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