Friday February 6, 2015- On February 7, 2015 Warrior Xtreme will be at the Fort St Southgate, Michigan, providing you with the most talented and entertaining mixed martial artist in Michigan. 

In this staked card we have Josh “Shortstack” Robinson, he will be fighting against MMA Vet Derrick “Givem Hell” Mandell in this 135LB championship fight. Also on the card we have a SUPERFIGHT, you don’t want to miss this fight because both fighters are in the TOP 5 of their Welterweight class in Michigan. It’s between KOTC Champ and was also on Bellator’s Fight Master, Dom “I hate you so Much” O’grady he will be facing WXC veteran Dequan “The Tarantula” Townsand expect war!

Aslo on the card is a Featherweight Superfight between Deven Levi Brown vs Jerome Otler. M aking their professional debut on Feb 7th both former WXC amateur champions is Thomas Fudoli vs Darryol Humphery at 125 . WXC will have flyweights and are ready to compete on the big stage, Jake Shanks vs Jesse Bazzi, expect gauranteed fireworks with this fight. Another top-level fight added to WXC 55 is two former WXC Amateur champions Keith Bullock vs Jordan McGuire.

A Heavyweight match up is between Ray Rocheleau and Derrick Weaver. WXC is also bringing in the hard-hitting Tenyea Dixon who has over 20 Pro fights to face Bobby Nash who has become one of Michigan’s best Pro fighters. They also have Joseph Richardson who will be facing Michigan’s very own Drew Morais. Murjan Flowers and Travis Rhodes have both held multiple amateur belts in Michigan and are now ready to make their Pro debut. WCX will also have Troy Lamson Vs Luke Hnevsa. For the full fight card go here. Don’t miss this action packed event, you won’t be dissapointed.

Below we have the WXC 55 FULLY LOADED Full Fighter Interviews:

(Video Courtesy of WXC)

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