Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting
Proudly Presents
WXC 58 Summer Heat

Monday June 8, 2015– Warrior Xtreme returns to Southgate Civic Arena on Saturday on June 13th with an other round of LIVE MMA Action. Featuring 16 fights , Four TITLE FIGHTS and 3 Woman’s MMA bouts.

In the Main Event is Will Frost Defends (16-5) he`s Featherweight Belt vs One of the Top Contenders in Michigan Bryan Scott (28-4) , Co-Main Event at the Middleweight division, both Adam Trombley (32-10) vs Travis Pettengil (42-8) have held Multiple Titles in the Middleweight, LHW and HWY divisions!

This will be the battle of the beasts! Also we have an open Lightweight championship bout between Chris Truba (8-3) vs Antoine Blassingame (18-8). And manty more of the Midwest Top MMA Talent , for more info go to or call 734-693-4353

This event is brought to you by; The United States Air Force, 313-LAWYES, STATE FARM, I’m Detroit, The Best of Detroit, Larry Flynts Hustler Club of Detroit, DaSilva Gold, and GNC Allen Park, GNC Lincoln Park, GNC Taylor, GNC Southgate & DETROIT MMA TV.

Upcoming Event: WXC proudly presents HOMELAND PRIDE! The Main Event will feature Johnny Bedford out of Texas as he looks to cross the Michigan border into the homeland of current WXC bantamweight champion Josh Robinson looking to seize the championship title.

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