XCC Fighter Of The Week: Erykka Brletich


Wednesday February 24, 2016Only recently has it become more common for female fighters to compete at mixed martial arts events and this weeks XCC featured fighter is an inspiration for others to follow. Erykka Brletich came into this sport with a bang, having won her amateur debut at XCC 23 versus a very tough opponent. Though becoming a mother to her now eight year old daughter at a young age that has not stopped this twenty six year old fighter from accomplishing anything she sets out to. For some juggling a full time job and being a mom is tricky enough Erykka tackles training regularly as well at one of the areas top schools Unrivaled Athletics. With a strong team including Darrell Horcher, Aaron Bicking, Manny Rose and Mark Krumrine, Erykka displayed herself as a confident and calm fighter to keep an eye on.

Even though on a much deserved vacation after her fight last Friday a very pleasant Erykka talked with us to share a view on some of her life with the XCC fans.

XCC: Did having pro fighter Aaron Bicking for a boyfriend spark your interest in training?

Erykka: No, we didn’t date until after I started training. I wanted to train to try something new. When I first started I was just going to do it for fun, I never planned on fighting. However punching people is the most calming thing ever and it’s addicting.

XCC: Do you feel more pressure on you to succeed being a female fighter?

Erykka: Yes. Finding other female fighters is hard. Just looking for training partners that will help you utilize your full potential is hard. People want to see women fighters.

XCC: How does your daughter feel about you being a mixed martial artist?

Erykka: She thinks it’s cool. She trains BJJ with me so she is very into it.

XCC: How did you regard yourself after winning at XCC 23?

Erykka: Accomplished and in need of work.

XCC: Having had your first last Friday, what was the most challenging part of fight camp for you?Erykka: Juggling my daughter. Some days it was hard knowing I had to train and she had classes or camps. She will come first, always.

XCC: Females in MMA are becoming more common but what positive and negative experiences have you had since taking your first fight?

Erykka: My positive experience has been everyone is willing to help if you are willing to put forth the effort. The negative side is that some people will never get over the fact that you are a female.

XCC: You had a rather large weight lose not to long ago, what motivated that and have you met your personal goal?

Erykka: I stepped on the scale one day and weighed 199.8. I told myself I would never be 200 lbs and I never was. Last Thursday at 6pm I weighed in at 124 pounds, almost what I weighed when I found out I was pregnant.

XCC: As a working mom and an active fighter what helps you to be able to balance everything to allow you ample time to train?

Erykka: You make the time. Don’t half ass anything. Give your all or don’t do it. I wanted to fight and win, so I did.

XCC: Anything else you would like your fans to know about you?

Erykka: Not about me. Let them know the only thing stopping them is themselves.

Over the years XCC has been fortunate to work with more female fighter such as Erykka than most promotions. We look forward to providing more opportunities to females to showcase their talent and passion to be a part of the MMA community.

We are very excited that XCC 24 April 30th will be held at the Sands Casino Bethlehem. XCC has many upcoming fight announcements regarding this event and more that are simply amazing.



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