XCC Fighter Of The Week: Jim Rendeiro


Tuesday February  9, 2016– Hailing from Renzo Gracie Philadelphia, the recently promoted brown belt Jim Rendeiro is the XCC fighter of the week.  Starting his fight career in 2012 on of Jim’s only losses was to currently undefeated UFC fighter and prior XCC title holder Randy Brown.  Jim is fortunate to be the muay thai instructor at Renzo Gracie Philly enabling him to be in a combat sports environment full time. The current 4-2 amateur is making his long awaited return to the cage February 19th for the XCC amateur middleweight title belt versus Lex Ludlow.

With XCC 23 quickly approaching we talked with Jim briefly regarding his life and career as a mixed martial artist.

XCC: How long did you serve in the United States Marines and what was your job?

Jim: I served in the Marine Corps Infantry as an Assault man for four years. I deployed to the Anbar Province of Iraq in 2004. In 2005 I was sent with the First Battalion Eighth Marines to Louisiana and Mississippi for disaster relief post Hurricane Katrina.

XCC: While enlisted were you involved in any military combative training?

Jim: I earned a grey belt in Marine Corps Martial Arts while I was in. Grappling was a very important part of our training in the Infantry. Everyone was expected to grapple whether they liked it or not. I loved it and trained aikido and judo on base while as well.

XCC: Having been an amateur fighter with 6 fights under your belt, which fight has had the biggest impact on you?

Jim: The next fight has the biggest impact on me and is all I think about. Not the past.

XCC: Who has been the biggest inspiration to you as a fighter?

Jim: I have so many great coaches and team mates, I can’t really pick one person. We have a ton of great fighters at Renzo Gracie Philly, any one of our pros. I’m constantly learning from them every day.

We at XCC are looking forward to having Jim Rendeiro on the February 19th XCC 23 MMA card at the National Guard Armory in Philadelphia for what has the makings to be an exciting title fight! For tickets to support Jim or any of the XCC fighters please visit our website at www.xtremecagedcombat.com.

New polls for fighter of the week are posted each week on the upcoming XCC event pages on Facebook.  Have a favorite fighter you would like to see featured, just let us know!



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