XCC Fighter Of The Week: Matt Turnbull

Monday January 25, 2016– Our XCC fighter of the week is 21-year-old 135lb amateur fighter from Philadelphia Matt Turnbull.  Matt has found his home at the well established Martinez BJJ owned by Bellator Veterans brothers Will & Jesus Martinez.   Not lacking in talent, Matt’s training partners include his younger brother Nick Turnbull, Daukaus brothers Kyle & Chris as well as UFC fighter Zack Makovsky.  

With a busy schedule of working and training Matt took a few minutes to answer a few questions for his fans to learn more about him as a fighter.

XCC: Being a rather young fighter what do you think are the pros and cons of starting your MMA career 3yrs ago when you were 18yrs old?

Matt: I don’t really think there are any cons for me starting at such a young age. Aside from the fact that I just wasn’t mature or ready enough for my first fight, though it did help shape me into the fighter I am now. I think the best thing about starting young has been getting to grow with the sport, MMA is a pretty new sport, probably in it’s prime right now, so it’s cool that I got into it at the right time.

XCC: What trainer or teammate has been the biggest influence on you in your amateur MMA career?

Matt: Without a doubt the single most influential coach has been Will Martinez. He’s been fighting since pretty much the beginning of the sport and knows the game in and out. I think he has a really good understand on how to build great, hard-working fighters. He expects nothing other than his fighters full commitment and has a good way to getting that out of each fighter he trains.

XCC: As a fighter at Martinez BJJ several of your training partners are UFC, Bellator vets have you ever found that intimidating?

Matt: I’ve never found it intimidating that some of my training partners have fought under the UFC and Bellator banner. I only find it inspiring. Watching them on TV almost makes it feel like it’s not possible to get there. But when you train with fighters who are there, or have been there, it kind of brings everything into perspective. You can see that these goals are achievable with hard work, loyalty and determination.

By: Helen Locura




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