XCC Fighter Of The Week: Ronnie Lavigne

Sunday January 17, 2016– Recent high school graduate Ronnie Lavigne is one of the youngest current XCC fighters however his level of talent makes him a fighter with a promising career in MMA.  Currently an 0-1 amateur fighter Ronnie made his debut at XCC 21 against any equally talented fighter Trent Stump.   Ronnie trains full time with a talented team with UFC Vet Carmelo Marrero as his head trainer along with teammates Kris Gratalo, Byron McIntosh (Ali), LJ Reboli, Rich Patishnock, Derek Wisser and Mickey Gall.

Ronnie took time out of his busy training schedule at ATT & Gracie New Jersey to answer a few questions for his fans to get to know this rising star better.

XCC: What inspired you to become a fighter?

Ronnie: I’m not quite sure what inspired me to be a fighter or when I made the decision to pursue it full time. It was definitely some time during the summer between my junior and senior years of high school. All I know is that fighting is the most fun activity I’ve ever participated in and I never feel more alive than during a fight.

XCC: What is your training background and history?

Ronnie: I started wrestling when I was 13 years old. From wrestling I became interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I began training jiu jitsu when I was 15 under Chad Charlesworth. I started training with Carmelo Marrero and the American Top Team ABE team in March of 2014 after my original jiu jitsu instructor moved away.

XCC: Being a rather young fighter how does your family feel about your involvement in MMA?

Ronnie: My family is extremely supportive of my decision to pursue MMA.

XCC: Given the opportunity to train with any fighter who would you choose any why?

Ronnie: If I could train with any fighter it would be Dominick Cruz because I look up to him in many ways, especially in his movement/footwork and his critical analysis of fighting.

XCC: What can your fans except to see different from you from your last fight at XCC?

Ronnie: My fans should expect to see a stronger, more well rounded version of myself. I would love to get fight of the night again but, above all, I’ll be looking for a finish on February 19th.

XCC: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Ronnie: Thank you all for your continued support in my pursuits. It means the world to me to have you all in my corner and I promise I will not disappoint on fight night!

We are excited to have Ronnie on the XCC 23 fight card February 19th at the National Guard Armory in Philadelphia. For tickets to support Ronnie & all of our local talent, contact a fighter or visit our website at www.xtremecagedcombat.com.




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